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Bindi Irwin shares a heartwarming video of her kid recognizing her ‘Grandpa’.

On Tuesday, Irwin, 24, took to Instagram to post a heartbreaking video of her beloved daughter Grace Warrior recognizing a picture of her grandparents, Steve and Terri Irwin, while visiting the Australia Zoo.

The kid, who turned one in March, is seen wandering past a large mural of the pair cuddling a koala bear.

Grace then points to her adoring grandparents before attempting to embrace the wall in an endearing moment.

Before the film ends, Irwin urges her daughter to point out her Grandpa Crocodile and Bunny, as well as the koala, which are loving nicknames given to Steve and Terri Irwin by their family.

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Grace commented on social media after sharing the heartwarming video,’ ‘I’m crying as I share this video.

With Grace, we call my parents Bunny and Grandpa Crocodile. She adores them (and koalas). She hunts for pictures of her grandparents on every zoo walk, and it is beyond amazing.’

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