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‘Best grandpa ever’ buys a bus so he can drive his 10 grandkids to school

Doug Hayes was a 59-year-old man living in Gladstone, Oregon. He was a proud granddad to his 10 grandchildren. Ever since his first grandkid was born, the family had ensured they spent time together and had fun during the festive seasons.

Of course, presents were one of the highlights the grandchildren looked forward to every year. However, this year they were in for a huge surprise. Doug decided to give a “unique gift” to his grandkids, Amara-10, Christian-9, Autumn-8, Lily-8, Gabriel-6, Everett-4, Piper-4, Emma-4, Hero-2, and Teddy-2.

The “Best Granddad” wanted to do things differently, this time for the little ones during the festive season. One of his grandkids guessed her grandfather would get a hot air balloon. However, all the grandkids soon discovered it was a school bus with the signboard “Grandpa Express.” Everyone was thrilled.

One of the youngest grandkids told the family member, “You got a bus.” The loving granddad had purchased a bus for driving all his grandkids to school. While speaking to one of the news channels, Doug stated, “I thought that maybe there was some way that I could give them a memory that will last all their lives.”

The 10 kids went to a small Christian School that did not have school buses. So, when the kids found their granddad driving one, they were pretty excited. One of the grandchildren told the news channel that he was amazed and never expected his granddad to buy a bus.

While the younger grandchild, a little girl, told the reporter, “It was enjoyable.” The kids couldn’t wait to board their new “school bus.” All of them were waiting for their first ride to school. Doug believed this unique gift would create memories the children would never forget.

Luckily, all the 10 kids lived within a 20-mile drive from Doug’s home, and their school was just 2 or 3 miles away from his house. Hence, it was easy for him to drive the little ones to school before he went to work every day.

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