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An honest little boy made an unexpected revelation in court about his father’s case

A sincere young witness is questioned by Judge Frank Caprio in a recent case from ’Caught in Providence.’

Currently, Judge Frank is considering the case of a man who was caught driving 35 mph in a 25 mph zone.

The person asserts that he has only had his US driver’s license for six months. Judge Frank adds, ‘Oh, you celebrated by speeding?’

He asserts that the street where he was stopped had no posted speed limit sign. Judge Frank does not agree!

He asks if the person has read the driver’s manual for Rhode Island. Judge Frank claims that the manual urges motorists to travel at a speed of 25 mph in areas where the written speed limit is absent.

The accused makes mention of his wife and kids as well as his family. They are missing, where are they? Judge Frank queries as he scans the area.

They are all to proceed to the front, according to the judge!

The defendant’s wife speaks into the microphone and admits to being in the car with her husband and their two children, according to the judge. Oh, now child endangerment as well, Judge Frank quips.

Judge Frank asks, ‘Whose this young guy?’ pointing to their son, who appears to be five years old.

The young youngster is instructed to approach the bench. The judge informs the young child, «We’re talking about your father.

Now you’re going to ask whether someone is guilty or not?

Now, what say you? The courtroom and the youngster’s family both start laughing as soon as the boy says, ‘Guilty.’ The judge exclaims, ‘An honest boy!’ He extends his hand to the young youngster.

The judge exclaims, ‘It’s official, you’re guilty!’ while pointing at the prisoner. The father claims, ‘He doesn’t understand, he doesn’t know what he’s saying.’

The courtroom is once more laughing. Judge Frank tells the father that due to his prior good driving history in Africa, he would be given credit.

He tells his father, ‘You have a tremendously honest young kid,’ and cautions him to be cautious on the streets.

Perhaps the best tactic is honesty, as demonstrated by the way this youngster’s nice comment helped his father in court!

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