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After her husband’s death, the old woman has no greater joy than the dog that helped her survive the grief

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Age is just a number. This 84-year-old woman follows this saying and lives her life trying to stay positive and energetic.

The cute grandmother tries to live her further years in a healthy body. She walks very much. She cares for her and looks younger. Many young women should take an example from this old woman.

She even has a loyal dachshund named Sally. She loves the dog and they are very good friends. They go for a walk together, play with each other and the woman lets the dog kiss and hug her. It is strange as most women at her age don’t like to touch animals.

But this woman is an exception. She lost her husband and Sally helped her overcome the grief. The woman loved her husband as they lived for a very long time together. After his death, the woman lost her and found comfort with her loyal friend Sally.

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