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A young girl with Down syndrome is rejected by 20 families until an unexpected event that changed her life forever

Luca Trapanese made a joyful decision four years ago that transformed his life forever and provided him with a sense of fulfillment.

He has subsequently enjoyed an incredible life in the company of his special-needs kid.

In 2017, an Italian guy in his forties gave a tiny girl the chance to have a family by adopting her at the age of 13 days.

As a result of the act, he became the first single gay father in Italy to be officially authorized the adoption of a child.

Prior to adopting the girl, Alba was reportedly rejected by 20 families who were unable to adopt her due to her disabilities.

Trapanese, who grew up working with people with special needs, was unfazed by the baby’s Down syndrome.

Since bringing her into his life, the father of one has found a new sense of purpose and a life filled with happiness and joy.

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The Naples man has spoken openly about his first meeting with the tiny girl, whom he encountered days after her mother abandoned her at a hospital due to her Down syndrome.

The system instantly certified her adoptable, but, like her mother, no one wanted the tiny girl.

Trapanese, who had long wanted to be a father, had applied for adoption months before after a review of the Italian statute prohibiting single parents from adopting.

During his application, the gay guy was advised that people like him could only adopt children with disabilities or behavioral disorders.

He was unconcerned about the clause, and stated in his application that he was willing to accept any child, regardless of their health condition. When he was ultimately paired with Alba, his excitement knew no bounds. He elaborated:

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‘It was my first time holding a newborn baby.’I had always been afraid up until that point. But the moment I touched Alba, I realized I was ready to be her father.’

He finally got the knack of being a parent after rounds of correction and criticism from his two mothers and family friends.

The father was also relieved that Alba’s grandmothers made the transition to fatherhood easier.

Trapanese’s act of compassion has made him a social media star, with thousands of fans flocking to his Instagram profile to catch images of him bonding with his daughter.

When asked about his motivation for reaching out to individuals in need and connecting with people with special needs, the father recalled losing his best friend to cancer when he was fourteen.

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After his loss, he began volunteering with groups that assist the crippled. In 2007, he started his own organization,

A Ruota Onlus, with the goal of providing disabled students with opportunities to mingle and develop their talents.They would be better prepared to assimilate into the community this manner.

He hoped that more people would learn to embrace children with impairments, to treat them with dignity, and to provide them with equal chances.

While adopting a disabled kid is one method to bridge that gap, prospective parents must evaluate various aspects to decide their readiness to take on the lifelong commitment.

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