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A video shows a hero cop lifting an overturned car off a mother to save her life.

In May of 2021, cameras in Virginia saw a woman being crushed to death by a car when this deputy sheriff lifted the car off of her. It was like a scene from a superhero movie.

How the Brave Sheriff Manages to Raise a Car

Deputy Sheriff Jon Holt is certainly strong, but is he powerful enough to move a vehicle by himself? The first thing that comes to your mind is certainly skepticism, yet he did actually do it. The following is what took place:

During the weekend of Mother’s Day in the year 2021, Deputy Sheriff Jon Holt was working his shift in Gloucester County, Virginia. He had just finished responding to a call and was on his way back to headquarters when he stumbled across a tragic accident. There was an SUV flipped over on its roof on the wrong side of the road. It was stated that the driver had lost control of the vehicle, which then veered onto the opposite side of the road before crashing.

After quickly responding to the call, Holt discovered that a woman’s head was pinned underneath the overturned SUV where the sunroof had been. The woman’s children were nearby; one of them was crying, while the other was showing signs of panic.

“I see the female laying with her head stuck below the vehicle,” Holt added. “I see her.”

He explains that the other individual was unable to breathe, and that was when he realized he needed to act fast. “You can’t let a child see their mum die,” he explained, explaining that he wanted to display bravery to the children who were frightened. “You can’t let a child see their mom die,”

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“I have to be that reassuring figure, even if inside I’m desperately trying to figure out what I need to do,” Holt said.

So, what does he do with his time? The footage captured by Holt’s bodycam shows him attempting to raise the 4,000-pound SUV, but at first he is unable.

Take a look at the video here:

When Holt’s kid started wailing, he ran to the car and asked her, “Is she under it?”

The youngster exclaims, “Yes!” in unison.

While we are attempting to assist the woman, her son, who is in a panic, can be heard nearby shouting. After Holt has the boy move back in a collected manner, an incredible event takes place. “Move in closer. “Hey, buddy! Come on over here!” Holt yells to the son.

According to Holt, he considered it unacceptable that he was unable to lift it the very first time he tried.

According to him, “at that point, I pressed my shoulder into the door frame, and all I was thinking to myself was, ‘I just have to stand up.’” And at that very moment, the sheriff rescues the mother who was being squished under a vehicle.

The grunting that can be heard coming from Holt throughout the lifting of the truck is captured on tape.

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As you can hear in the video, the woman starts to gasp for oxygen, and he asks her if she can move or slide out of the way so that they can get around the obstacle. We give thanks that the lady was able to free herself from underneath the SUV.

Strangely, the woman suffered only minor bruises and some bleeding after the attack. But who is to say what would have transpired if he hadn’t been there at that precise moment and made the effort to move the car?

The family said that their dog was also in the vehicle at the time of the collision, and that he ran away after the collision; nonetheless, they were glad that their dog was returned to them the next day.

Reactions to the Heroism Displayed by Holt

The camera footage was posted on various news networks all around the world. Even state-run media in China uploaded the video to their Facebook page and disseminated it.

People from every continent have been motivated by the tens of thousands of views and comments.

Someone left the following comment: “Thank you, Deputy Holt!” May God bless you and keep you safe, you courageous cop.

When the sheriff lifts an automobile to save a woman, it is certainly an act of bravery; but, some people could say that it is miraculous, and that he had to have God’s help in order to accomplish this feat.

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Despite the fact that Holt claims, “I’m no hero. One has to wonder if God is placing him in these situations at the right time, just as he did when he coincidentally came across the woman being crushed, and the sheriff lifts a car off the woman because it’s not the only time he’s done something this heroic because it’s not the only time he’s done something this heroic. “I’m just an average cop that gets put in extraordinary situations,” one has to wonder if God is placing him in these situations at the right

In another instance, Holt was able to save a mother and her child from the flames of a burning building by going inside and dragging them to safety. Holt is credited with saving the life of a VDOT employee the prior year by administering CPR during an unexpected incident.

Prior to the occurrence of this event, Deputy Jon Holt had already been recognized for multiple acts of valor. Local and regional police officer units voted him the Best Cop of 2020, and he accepted the honor.

Even Holt is aware that his heroic deeds raise the possibility that there is something otherworldly influencing them. It has been stated that he has expressed the belief that he may be assisted in his job by a guardian angel.

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