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A mother gave birth to three black kids, causing the father to look closely and cry.

In spite of the fact that it is 2020, racism is still a global problem.Many individuals have preconceived notions about what a family should seem.

Even though they are deserving of a lot of love and respect for the courageous choices they made, Aron and Rachel Halbert have firsthand experience with these prejudices.

After learning and reading about fetal adoption, the Halbert family decided to adopt a third child.They had previously adopted two children.

The parents made the decision to remember the frozen fetuses that no one had considered while also making a warm home for other children who would not have a family.

And they didn’t let trivial things like skin tone disturb them. They visited a reproductive clinic where they discovered twin fetuses that they chose to have as their children.

However, as if it weren’t incredible enough, their narrative then took an unexpected turn.
Despite Rachel’s infertility, Aron and Rachel Halbert had long desired to start a family.

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Instead, they decided to adopt a boy and a daughter.But the only reason the decision drew such criticism was because the children were black.

We were conscious that, particularly in the southern United States, a white marriage with non-white children would generate different reactions.

An elderly woman would look down her nose at us every time we went to the supermarket. Another time, a mother of color might merely shake her head while gazing at us.

Aron and Rachel, though, were extremely content and proud of their small family.The couple thought it would be a nice idea when they learned that adopting embryos was an option.

Two frozen, 15-year-old African-American embryos were transferred into Rachel.The newest babies will so ‘fit in’ with their older siblings.

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It was time to travel to the Honduran doctor’s office to pick up the tiny embryos after six weeks. And the couple discovered a very unexpected surprise when they got there.

We began outlining everything for the doctor (in broken Spanish). He repeatedly questioned us about our desire to return two embryos. Of course we were certain of our response, so yes.

And to to Rachel and Aron’s shock, they found that one of the fetuses had divided into two inside Rachel’s womb. Not with twins, but with a triplet, she was expecting!

Aron and Rachel were now the parents of five lovely children with ebony complexion after the birth happened without a hitch.

‘Seeing the love and support from our friends and family filled our hearts. We are living the dream in our hearts.

A desire that might not seem like it would apply to the typical family, but given the history of our nation, we are grateful that it did,’ Aron added.

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‘When my son and daughter, who have black complexion, touched my wife’s pregnant and white abdomen during the pregnancy, I felt nothing but pure joy.’

They wished good night to the three girls who grew up inside her every night, and today they can finally wish their newborn sisters peaceful dreams.

Ain’t they adorable?

Wonderfully describing his family, Aron said:

‘I recall a buddy who underwent the adoption procedure and revealed to me that he had always wished for his family to resemble the United Nations.

When I consider my expanding family, I want to go a step farther and dare to imagine that his family is a tiny glimpse of heaven.’

Watch the Halbert family’s unique experience down below:

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