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A determined mother and father build a customized wheelchair for their 7-month-old child.

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They used an internet tutorial, and it set them back approximately one hundred dollars.

At the age of four months, Evelyn was evaluated for a spinal tumor, which led to the subsequent diagnosis of neuroblastoma. Because of this, she was rendered immobile below the level of her arms, but happily, she made a full recovery.

Kimberly and Brad were given the recommendation by Evelyn’s physicians to postpone getting a wheelchair for their daughter until she turned two years old. The fact that Evelyn’s parents chose not to wait is what led to the installation of a speed bump in their residence.

Evelyn’s mother claims that her daughter is brave while navigating the world in her wheelchair. The wheelchair was fashioned out of a cutting board, some castor wheels, and a Bumbo chair. Evelyn was able to find out how to make use of it in a short amount of time.
Bev Wilson, a pediatric oncologist, believes that Evelyn is an upbeat and joyful young girl. Evelyn is always going from room to room, paying visits to the nurses, and saying hello to the other children. She is comparable to the other children, although she is noticeably more agile.

A few times a week, Evelyn gets her exercise by wearing a harness and walking on a treadmill. It has helped her improve her bladder control, build her immune system, and eventually gain control of her lower body. Additionally, it has strengthened her immune system.

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Kimberly and Brad put in an incredible amount of effort to ensure that Evelyn has a typical upbringing. Even though they are up against a lot of obstacles, Evelyn is happy and she is getting healthier by the day.

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