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A 65-year-old woman decided to give birth to four babies. How they live 3 years later

It will be about a unique woman and an incredible case that happened in Germany. Late children are not rare now. Someone is not in a hurry to give birth because of career, someone just can’t.

However, the German Annegret Raunig has already raised 13 children and is raising 7 grandchildren.

She loves children very much, for her it is joy in life. In order to prolong her youth and give the world one more baby, she decided to give birth at the age of 65.

Doctors dissuaded her, voiced risks. But anyway, she decided on IVF. As a result, not one baby was born, but four. Thus, the woman fell into the book of records.

By education, Annegret is a teacher, so she easily and professionally raises children.Their life is rich, interesting, now they moved to a big house. And they live in a big family.

The government gave the woman a prize, and she decided to tell her story on one of the TV channels.Naturally, not for free.

The woman does not regret her choice at all. On the contrary, she is sure that he is correct.

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