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A 46-years-old mother gives birth to triplets which is a ‘1 in 20 billion’ case!

For a mother, becoming a mother is a special time. Whether it’s her first time or she already has several children, the occasion will always be memorable.

By giving birth to not two but three identical infants simultaneously, this Utah woman not only exceeded all expectations but also all odds!

She went to a reproductive specialist at age 41, who suggested IVF but cautioned her that the success rate at her age was still 10%.

They informed her, ‘I’m sorry, your eggs are too old,’ she subsequently recalled. Three attempts at in vitro were made, but none were successful.

Tyler Tiberius, Audrey’s husband, and she were both 41 years old when their three IVF treatments ended in failure.

The couple chose to be satisfied with the fact that they still had their four children, Marcus, James, Christian, and Max.Audrey, though, clung to the possibility of a large family in her heart and prayed for it.

Seven seemed to be my number, so I prayed nonstop for five years to have more kids. I always wanted a really big family.

She noticed a change in her body when she was 45 years old. She quickly discovered that she was pregnant! The family was delighted by the news, and they celebrated it right away.

When they went to the doctor, Audrey learned her second surprise: she wasn’t carrying just one kid, as they had assumed, but three!

There is only one possible explanation, according to Audrey, and that is a miracle. Such a blessing from God!

It is extremely unusual to get identical triplets when the mother is 46. When they inquired about the likelihood of this happening, a statistician informed them that the chances were almost one in 20 billion!

Audrey was worried about what would occur because of her age and high chance of miscarriage. Thankfully, nothing happened as a result of her trusting herself and praying for protection.

Sky, River, and Bay become a part of the Tiberius family in March 2022. For their mother, who had always envisioned having seven children, they completed the perfect family!

For her part, Audrey is a devoted mother. She does many things for her children, including burping, dressing, changing their diapers, and nursing them. She says she tries to grin the whole time, but there are times when it’s difficult.

Audrey has not ruled out the prospect of expanding her family; nonetheless, having seven children has always been her ideal number.

She said, ‘Maybe we’re not done,’ when asked if they would have any more children. No one knows.

She firmly believes that women should be open and honest with their doctors about their fertility issues, saying that doing so will help them avoid unnecessary sorrow.

She expressed her hope that everyone would be able to have the babies they wanted while talking about the three new members of her family as she broke down in tears. And it’s even sweeter coming from someone who battled for a while.

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