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5-yr-old saves sister, dog from burning home then alerts rest of family

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A five-year-old kid is being hailed as a hero after he made sure his family of nine got out of the house after he woke up to flames close to his bed on Sunday morning.

Noah Woods, 5, told WSBTV that he scooped up Lily, carried her to the
window, grabbed the dog, and then left. That’s all, then.

But he went much beyond that.

On Sunday morning, an electrical fire started in the room that Noah and his
sister Lily, age 2, shared. He grabbed his sister and the family dog and
fled to the window as soon as he realized there was danger.

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Noah, Lily, and their dog allegedly broke out of the house via the window,
according to a GoFundMe created to assist the family with bills. Noah
returned to his uncle’s house once they had reached safety so that they
could continue assisting everyone else in fleeing.

The Bartow County Fire Department tweeted on Tuesday, “Our hero!”

“5-year-old Noah Woods just discovered his bedroom on fire when he woke up.
The window was the only way out. He managed to flee the fire with his
2-year-old sister before returning inside to warn the rest of the

Fortunately, all nine family members managed to escape the house unharmed,
save for a little burn on Noah’s wrist.

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Noah and four other family members received treatment for smoke inhalation
and minor burns. He will receive a Lifesaving Award and be recognized as an
Honorary Bartow County Firefighter by BCFD Chief Dwayne Jamison on

Noah’s grandfather, David Woods, stated, “If it weren’t for Noah, I mean,
we were all asleep, so we wouldn’t have realized what was going on.” “We all
may have died.”

The family must now rebuild because their home was completely destroyed,
but at least they will have everyone in the family by their side while they
do it.

David wrote, “If it wasn’t for Noah, we might not be here today.

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