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Woman assists man in searching pockets for money to pay for coffee, then realizes he is Keith Urban

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Everyone has been there. We go to pay at the grocery store, pharmacy, or neighborhood coffee shop only to find we don’t have any money. Usually, it’s because we left it at home by accident. Sometimes we have a little, but not quite enough. Regardless, it’s humiliating.

This is what happened to one individual. All he wanted was a cup of coffee, but for whatever reason, he didn’t have the cash. That’s when a kind stranger stepped in to assist. But, as you’ll soon discover, this isn’t the kind of meeting you’d expect to have.

Many people are now active in the “pay it forward” movement. All this entails is that they do something good for someone else. Depending on the circumstances, the act of compassion may be anonymous, while the recipient may be aware of who assisted them. It all comes down to treating others with compassion and respect, especially when they are in need.

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Ruth Reed and her husband frequently go out of their way to assist others, particularly veterans. They frequently visit Dunkin’ Donuts and Wawa, where they like paying the bills of complete strangers. For this elderly couple, doing so makes them happy.

Ruth retired as an elementary school teacher. People recognize her for her generosity both inside and outside of the classroom. One day at Wawa, she spotted a man in line ahead of her who didn’t have enough money to buy a cup of coffee. Ruth walked up, as she would with anyone else, and demanded payment.

Ruth noticed a strong similarity between the man and the popular country music musician Keith Urban as he turned around, but most certainly not. What on earth would he be doing in Wawa, especially without any cash? After he introduced himself, she realized he was Keith Urban.

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Ruth wasn’t convinced even after he gave her his name. That is until she noticed a swarm of bodyguards surrounding him. Yes, Keith Urban was standing right there. Even with the confirmation, she was taken aback. He is, after all, a huge thing.

Ruth and Keith were having a great talk at the counter. Even if it was only a few minutes, it was unforgettable, at least for her. That’s when she had the confidence to ask for a photo with him. He happily agreed without hesitation.

Ruth’s only contribution was to assist a man in need. Even if it was Keith Urban, that brief and innocuous interaction would also make her a superstar. Multiple news outlets picked up the story when she wrote about it on social media.

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She eventually consented to go on the Pickler & Ben program, which is hosted by two other celebrities, Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron. Ruth has earned prominence despite not being as well known as Urban. If nothing else, this demonstrates that helping someone in need can be a once-in-a-lifetime event.