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Watch how Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell’s Daughter Grace acts as ‘Maintenance Crew’ at the Australian zoo…

The Australia Zoo is one of Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell’s favorite places to take their daughter, Bindi Irwin Powell.

On Friday, the couple uploaded a video to their social media accounts that demonstrated what Grace does at the zoo after “all the animals have gone to bed.”

Powell begins the film by saying to the camera, “Now I’m sure some of you have wondered what happens at Australia Zoo after all of the animals have gone to bed and everyone’s clocked off from their workday,” which is the first line of the video.

“Well, here we are with some rare behind-the-scenes video of a specific someone who begins their workday as soon as everyone else has gone home,” we said.

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After, the movie turns to a shot of Grace Warrior wearing a pajama onesie and a pair of boots while walking down a walkway on the grounds of the zoo.

Irwin says this while she records her daughter, who is 17 months old at the time. “You know, I can honestly say that I didn’t realize that the uniform for the Australia Zoo maintenance staff was pajamas,” she adds.

The next scene depicts Grace carrying a little hammer as she traverses a wooden bridge.

“Are you doing any kind of upkeep on the bridge?” Irwin asks the little child as she approaches the camera. “What do you think?” “With your teeny-tiny little child’s hammer? Are you conducting any maintenance?”

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Grace then goes on a walkway while pointing to the sky as Irwin congratulates her for “making sure everything was mended on the bridge” and discovering birds in the sky. Irwin again thanks Grace for locating the birds.

What the heck! After that, the star of the Irwins asks Grace what she should do next, and Grace babbles in response while the screen says “that sign requires maintenance.”

She keeps talking and pointing up as the text “going to require a repair order” appears on the screen.

“As soon as the last visitor leaves for the day, the maintenance staff at Australia Zoo gets to work! Our daughter loves wandering around in her expansive and lovely garden “Irwin comments in the movie’s commentary that it is a humorous video. “I am very thankful that she will be able to grow up in the company of animals and in gorgeous gardens where she may go on adventures.”

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At the beginning of this month, Irwin, who is 24 years old, posed with her daughter Grace while wearing a khaki button-down from the Australia Zoo and green jeans. Grace was wearing a collared khaki sweater. In the picture, it seemed like they were within the zoo’s grounds.

“Khaki is more than simply a color; it’s a state of mind,” Irwin added the comment “#WildlifeWarriors” to the shot, and it was shared on Instagram.