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Walking Frame actor Michael Caine embarked on a romantic rendezvous with his wife of 49 years, who was a girl on TV when he first fell in love with her… Learn more about their love story below…

The trip that Michael Caine, who played “The Man Who Would Be King,” and his wonderful wife, Shakira Caine, have taken together has been one that is both arduous and beautiful. In 2022, the couple will have been together for a whopping 49 years.

Even after such a long period of time, not much has changed, and the way in which they continue to keep their love life alive is by going on dates. Recently, the couple was observed having a wonderful time at Harry’s bar, where they were spending the evening together.

Caine is 89 years old, and Shakira is 75, but neither of them has let their advanced years slow them down when it comes to fashion. Caine looked suave in a navy blue blazer combined with black trousers and a blue shirt, and Shakira complemented her husband’s appearance by wearing a red lace top, a black silk jacket, and matching trousers. Caine wore a navy blue blazer teamed with black trousers and a blue shirt.

They were seen leaving the bar together, with a member of the support staff assisting Caine, who walks with the assistance of a walking frame, to get into the vehicle.

Caine has lived a long and fruitful life. He is most known for his parts in the films “King of Thieves,” “Dry Rotten Scoundrels,” and “Dressed to Kill.” However, a fruitful business and a happy marriage are only a portion of his complete achievement. He has also accomplished a lot in his personal life.

On the other hand, he has been experiencing some health problems as of late. At the beginning of March 2022, the actor’s wife disclosed the news that her husband had undergone a significant back operation at a hospital in London. The operation was performed to relieve spinal stenosis, a condition that results in excruciating discomfort in the back and legs.

He gives her credit for assisting him in substituting healthier options for sugar and salt, and he expresses the hope that by making better and healthier choices, he will be able to live long enough to watch his grandkids grow up. He said:

“If it weren’t for her, I probably would have passed away a long time ago.”

Since their marriage began, Shakira has served as a source of strength and confidence for her husband. Their union is one that has endured the test of time and exemplifies what it means to have a marriage that is successful. It causes one to ponder the question, “From where did it all start?”

The Guyanese model and actress who is now the “Come Away” actor’s wife made her first appearance on screen in a commercial for a coffee company. This was the first time the actor saw his future wife. He was unable to tear his gaze away from her for some unknown reason. Something about her piqued his interest, and he saw that his palms were beginning to sweat.

He was at a complete loss to comprehend what was taking place for him. After only eight minutes of seeing her for the first time, all he knew was that he was completely and utterly besotted with her. He was fortunate in that a friend provided him with her phone number. What happened after that, as the saying goes, is history.

They have been together for many years, yet their love for one another has not waned; they are never far from one another’s side. Caine claims that when he was at the pinnacle of his success, he developed a taste for alcohol, but Shakira helped him kick the habit and gave his life a purpose:

They have been blessed with two beautiful daughters, Natasha Caine and Dominique Caine, and they have devoted grandparents to two grandchildren, Miles Michael and Taylor Michael.