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VIDEO: Simon describes it “the best original music I’ve ever heard.” Listen to her singing right now…

During the seventeenth season of America’s Got Talent, the phenomenally talented Lily Meola walked the stage, and during the opening song, “Daydream,” she did all in her power to wow both the AGT judges and the audience members in the audience.

It’s possible that Lily Meola’s fiery and heated exchange with judge Simon Cowell before her moving performance on her five-song EP earlier this year helped set the stage for her career.

The song “Daydream” was created during a time in my life when everything was going well and I was really appreciating every minute. Before the young performer could fully brief his mistress on everything, her world came crashing down around them.

After discovering that her mother had cancer and wanting to take care of her, Lily Meola took a break from the music business for a while; nevertheless, her mother’s illness eventually rejected her as a treatment option.

Lily Meola said that these events in her life also pushed her to chase her destiny, which for her was to compete on the main stage of the American Idol competition at the age of 27. Lily Meola was 27 years old when she made this claim.

The audience in the hall was unable to contain their excitement as Lily Meola took the stage to a standing ovation and applause from all four judges. The audience had been so captivated by Lily Meola’s seductive and emotional performance of her opening song, “Daydream,” that they were unable to contain their excitement.

Due to the profound impact that Lily Meola’s performance had on Heidi Klum, the singer of “Daydream” has to be presented by Heidi Klum with a very enthusiastic shout-out. Because of this, there is no question that Lily Meola will go straight to the live semifinal stage of the talent competition. A wonderful ending, and a wonderful beginning, for such a talented voice.