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VIDEO: Jennifer Lopez’s daughter took the stage beside her mother. This beautiful video has become very popular…

The video of Jennifer Lopez singing with her child has garnered an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and has caused the internet to fly into a frenzy.

Can’t believe this,” the famous person said as the description for a segment of the video that she uploaded to Instagram from the video. She is open about the fact that she has a deep affection for her kid and that she has always been there for her.

During the course of the video, we watch a mother and daughter singing along to J. Lo’s chart-topping single “Limitless.” The audience was particularly impressed by Emma’s ability to sing in the highest register in a tone that resembled that of a mother.

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You are welcome to view the recording of the celebrity’s whole performance in its entirety. It was undeniably a fantastic live performance!

Watch a stunning moment below…