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VIDEO: Everyone laughed as the farmer walked onto the stage before she started singing… This is WOW…

People have a bad tendency of judging others primarily on appearance rather than character. Recent “The X Factor” fans thought that a farmer wouldn’t become a good singer because of the way she looked.

She opened her lips to sing, absolutely shocking the judges and the audience.

53-year-old Englishwoman Jacqueline Faye is an Oxfordshire native. She and her loving husband spend the most of their time taking care of livestock. Jacqueline has gained notoriety for her superb performance of Cilla Black’s “You’re My World.”

As soon as she entered the room, Jacqueline gave off a hesitant and anxious appearance. When she began singing, everyone was surprised. But before she started singing, she had a conversation with the judges about her life.

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She lives on a farm where many horses, chickens, and ducks roam about. She turned her spouse into the song’s focus. When Jacqueline talked about her experience in farming, some of the judges chuckled. It turned out that Jacqueline would finally win the day.

In a flash, Jacqueline took the whole gathering by surprise. Her outstanding performance left everyone in awe. By the time she had completed her outstanding performance, the crowd was glowing.

Simon Cowell, who is known for his tough criticism, expressed nothing but praise for Jacqueline’s performance. When Jacqueline first walked onto the stage, he immediately thought she had strayed into the wrong show.

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When she began to sing, he was immediately astounded by how incredible she was. Louis Tomlinson offered his compliments, calling her performance fantastic.

Based on her performance, Jacqueline may have a lucrative music career if she chose to give up farming.