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Tina Turner’s Second Husband, Saved Her Life by Donating His Kidney, While She Revealed That Her First Husband…

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Tina Turner is a famous singer who came to popularity in the 1950s. She is known as the “Queen of Rock and Roll” due to her dominance in the rock and roll music industry. Her commanding voice were a significant contributor to the ascent to stardom that she experienced.

At the same time, she was introduced to Ike Turner, a musician of exceptional talent. Their vibrations were instantly compatible, and they were soon unable to live without one another.

They wed in Mexico only a few years after their first encounter in 1962, and their relationship deepened and became more intimate throughout the course of those years.

It was a marriage of love between two people who were head over heels in love with one another, and everyone there believed that they were the kind of ideal pair that could not be broken apart by anything.

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Tina said that marrying Ike was one of the worst mistakes she’d ever made and that their relationship was unhealthy in her book titled “My Love Story,” which was released only a few years after the couple had tied the knot.

She spoke about Ike’s attitude and told her followers that he was a tyrant and 1978 was the year that she finally divorced Ike.

After going through this harrowing incident in her life, Tina made the decision to devote herself only to her career until she met Erwin Bach. Erwin was introduced to Tina for the first time when his firm tasked him with the responsibility of picking her up from the airport.

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She was on her way to perform in Germany when she ran with her future husband, who was working as a music executive for EMI and was 30 years old.

Yes, it did take them that much time to come to the conclusion that they wanted to be married to one other, and in the end, they did so in Switzerland.

Tina was given a diagnosis of kidney cancer in 2016, and her doctors recommended that she either have a kidney transplant or start dialysis.

“A transplant is the only thing that could offer me a chance at living a life that is even somewhat near to normal, however, the chances of finding a kidney donor were small,” she said in the book My Love Story.

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At that point, her one true love, Erwin, stepped in to help. Erwin shared with her that he had no interest in becoming involved with another woman or starting a new life; all he wanted was to be with her.

As a direct consequence of this, Erwin decided to save her life by donating one of his kidneys. Thankfully, everything went well with the transplant.

Tina can always count on Erwin to be at her side, no matter what she’s going through.