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This young boy amazed everyone with his incredible performance… Watch the video below…

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The piano is one of the most incredibly difficult instruments due to the fact that it has a maximum number of 88 keys that are divided into seven octaves.

However, the difficulty of playing the piano is not just attributable to the fact that it has a large number of keys; in addition, one must store a great deal of information in their head at all times.

You’ll need to be familiar with melody, harmony, and rhythm all at the same time if you want to play this one instrument.

In addition to learning scales and finger patterns, you must also be able to recognize the appropriate octaves to pair with each other.

It may take a few weeks or months to get the hang of playing the piano, and it may take much longer to properly master the instrument.

Despite this, a little boy of 12 years old who plays the keys at a public piano in Liverpool seems to have it all figured out.

A teenage musician was seen playing a red piano that had been set up on the curbside of the roadway.

While he was getting ready to play, it seemed that nobody on the street was paying any attention to what was going on.

Soon enough, he begins to play the keys with a light touch, and the folks walking by are astounded to hear a beautiful tune emanating from the small fingers of this young guy, Harrison Crane.

Crane makes the decision to play a variety of songs of dance music from the ’90s, beginning with Robert Miles’ “Children.”

The shoppers who are walking by are compelled to stop and watch the child play the instrument as soon as they hear the recognizable song.

After a brief segment of the song, he manages to make a seamless transition to “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” by Eiffel 65, and then soon after that, he transitions into “Sandstorm” by DJ Darude.

At that moment, there were already enough people on that short street to completely encircle him in human form!

A significant number of people remain to listen, and in order to make the most of their time there, a number of them pulled out their phones and videotaped Crane’s performance.

As the teenage pianist performs “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes, the audience begins to sway to the music and tap their feet in time with the rhythm.

In his last performance, he plays a version of the song “Children” once again. It goes without saying that this child makes even difficult tasks like playing the piano appear effortless.

Crane plays the street piano with elegance and a high level of proficiency for the whole of the performance.

He was able to play all of the notes properly, despite the fact that he had very few fingers.

He gave a performance that was so nearly faultless and natural that it gave the impression that playing the piano was simple.

Nevertheless, it is worthy of praise that he was able to provide a performance that was outstanding in front of such a large crowd.

He was already playing at a level that was greater than that of the typical pianist despite just being 12 years old.
Who knows how huge the next audience will be that he plays for if he maintains his enthusiasm for music and keeps going?

After demonstrating his ability on that street in Liverpool, he was inundated with praises and congratulations from the onlookers.

As a result of Crane uploading this video on his channel on YouTube under the name Harrison Piano, he also got supportive comments and praises from his audience on the internet. He amassed a staggering 4.7 million views, and 83,000 people liked the video he posted.

Simply click the link below to see the whole performance in its entirety.