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This girl courageously sang one of the hardest songs in the world. What they heard stunned the judges and audience.

Whitney Houston’s music has always been a favorite of Serena, who is now 11 years old. She sung the popular song “I will always love you,” but she never did it in front of anybody other than her family and friends.

The young lady pictured herself singing this song in front of a significant audience inside of a large auditorium. At long last, he was presented with this opportunity by random chance. Serena appeared on stage while competing in the talent show Next Star.

The judges did not move from their seats while music played and the stage was illuminated with thousands of lights. Even though she was the subject of dozens of spotlights, the girl remained unsurprised by the attention.

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The opening lines of the song have previously been performed for this audience. Everyone in the room, including the judges and the viewers, was aware that they were in the presence of an authentic nugget.

The young lady sung the song in a composed and self-assured manner. His voice has a mystical aspect that hypnotized the audience; at one point, everyone sprang up from their seats and started wildly cheering in response to what they had just heard. Screams of “Bravo!” could be heard emanating from several locations.

The way that Serena performs in this video is going to have a profound effect on you, and it just could bring you to tears.