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The young ballerina changed her performance during the audition, leaving the judges were awe…

The judges of “Britain’s Got Talent” were shocked when a young ballerina changed directions mid-performance.

Before her audition, Hollie, 10, seemed like an ordinary dancer. She laughed as the hosts made fun of her outfit, which included a pink and purple tutu and a lovely scrunchie in her hair.

They said, “Let me guess what you do.” A little magic? She chuckled and rebuffed. Again they made jokes, “Juggling?”

The judges weren’t quite as enthralled. Even though they spoke to her in a soft voice, they didn’t seem overly enthusiastic about her performance, especially as the music began. Hollie’s performance had a really lackluster opening minute. She performed some simple hops and twirls, but they weren’t particularly stunning.

She appeared to be an ordinary 10-year-old who had participated in a few dancing classes. When she finished, it was evident that the judges would give her a free pass.

But Hollie opened her mouth and started singing before the last notes! She sung along to “I Could Have Danced All Night” from the play “My Fair Lady” in a deep, nearly operatic voice. The judges were completely gob-smacked as the audience shouted and gasped. They were all stunned by her.

The entire crowd rose to their feet to offer her a standing ovation as she brought her performance to a stunning conclusion. The judges were very complimentary as well. Amanda Holden remarked, “It’s simply insane how much ability you have,” adding that she was “stunned” by the voice that emanated from her diminutive frame.

In three seasons, we have seen a lot of kids on this show, according to Piers Morgan. “I’ve never heard someone sing as good as you do,” I said.

Even Simon Cowell praised Hollie in his remarks. Because of the music and outfit she wore, he stated he had preconceived notions about her vocal prowess, but when she began to perform, he was astounded.

He told Hollie, “I think you’ve got a beautiful voice,” and the audience erupted in applause. When Hollie advanced to the following round, the video of her audition soon became popular online. Her multifaceted performance astounded the audience just as much as it did everyone in the studio.

Hollie is still playing after ten years. The 20-year-old spoke with the “Lorraine” show during an interview and revealed that she had recently returned from a one-year cruise ship where she had appeared in the musical “Grease.” She further stated that viewers of “Britain’s Got Talent” still recognize her from those appearances.

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