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The talented ice-skater performs the “Footloose” and takes it to a whole another level…

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Kevin Bacon starred in the 1980 film “Footloose.” In the movie, a man tries to get the town’s teenagers back into the rhythm. You might not comprehend the impact the movie had on the 1980s if you haven’t seen it.

One ice skater is currently reviving that movie.

Your excitement for this fresh interpretation of the iconic “Footloose” routine will have you trembling. The performance this time did not occur on the dance floor. It happened on the ice rink.

The ice skater who performed “Footloose,” Ryan Bradley, thoroughly astonished the audience with his performance.

All of this took place at Love On Ice’s Pandora Unforgettable Moment. Everyone was perplexed by Ryan’s attire—a hoodie and jeans—until the famous “Footloose” soundtrack started to play. Everyone at that point understood what was going on. All of Brad’s casual attire was required for the performance.

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It’s truly a sight to observe the routine. Below is a link to the full video.