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The mother decided to give birth two weeks early, to let her dying husband see her baby one last time

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A woman from Texas gave birth to her child two weeks earlier than expected so that her husband, who was terminally ill, could see and hug the baby before he passed away.

Meet the Family Whose Child Was Give Birth Two Weeks Earlier Than Expected

Mark Alger was 52 years old when he received the news that he was cancer-free after undergoing chemotherapy for eight months. That year for Christmas, he and his family of six cherished the holiday and looked forward with optimism to the new year. This was especially true after they learned that Diane, Mark’s wife, was pregnant with the couple’s fifth child, making the total number of children in their household six. At that particular instant, it appeared as though things were beginning to look up, and Mark and the rest of the Alger family believed that they were receiving a new beginning.

After rushing to the hospital on January 3 of the following year complaining of difficulties breathing, Mark discovered, to his dismay, that the adverse effects of the chemotherapy had been harmful to his lungs. This discovery came about as a result of the treatment. His diagnosis: is pulmonary fibrosis.

After Mark’s successful battle with cancer, he was optimistic that he could conquer this new health challenge as well, so he sought therapy as soon as possible.

When asked to clarify their first response, Diane stated, “We assumed he could get on steroid medication and oxygen and survive for years,” thereby revealing their initial thought process.

However, after a few weeks had passed, the physicians informed Mark’s family that the steroid therapy and the oxygen could no longer keep Mark alive and that he only had one week left to live.

At that point, the physician asked Diane a question about her medical history.

The physician questioned her by asking, “When are you going to have this baby?”

At that moment, she made the virtually instantaneous decision that she would give birth to the baby earlier than expected so that Mark and his younger daughter might have some time together.

On January 18, just 15 days after Mark went to the hospital with difficulties breathing, physicians induced labor. As a result, she gave birth two weeks early and did so in the same hospital room as her husband, who was passing away.

After she give birth to her child, They gave her the name Savannah, and Mark was able to hold his new daughter for the first time.

Diane stated this of her husband, who was passing away: “The day she was born, his oxygen levels were unusually high.” “He hugged her for the next half an hour. Both him and I were inconsolable during the entire thing.”

The mother give birth 2 weeks early

According to reports, Mark adored the time he spent with his daughter and wished to shower her with as much love as he could…

The following morning, on January 19, Mark woke up and immediately inquired about Savannah. This time, he wasn’t strong enough to hold her for more than a few seconds at a time.

Shortly after that, Mark Alger lapsed into a coma, although it was clear that he was still striving to communicate with his baby who was delivered two weeks prematurely. Despite this, Mark Alger slid into a coma.

Diane claimed that if she sobbed, her husband would moan and shake his head.

Diane had a strong desire for her husband, who was terminally ill, to be aware of their daughter’s existence even while he was in a coma.

She stated, “I put my baby who I give birth on him when he was in the coma a few times, and his hand would move toward her.” She was referring to when he was in a coma.

Diane Bids Farewell to Her Dying Husband

Diane Bids Farewell to Her Dying Husband

Mark lapsed into a coma on day two of his hospital stay, and he passed dead on day four.

But because the dying man’s wife was ready to birth the baby two weeks early, he was able to share some precious moments with their daughter Savannah before he passed away.

It was in 2012 when all of this took place, and Savannah is now 10 years old. She does not have any memories of her time spent with her father; nonetheless, she is aware that she was brought into this world two weeks earlier than expected to meet him, and that he cherished the time he spent with her.

Frequently, Diane would talk to her daughter about her mother’s father.

In her explanation, she says, “When I was pregnant, he would talk to my stomach.” He couldn’t contain his enthusiasm for her.”

Additionally, Savannah is informed about her father by her siblings.

The children carry on as if their father is still physically present. Diane recalls that Mark was a humorous individual. “My children continue to joke around the same way they did while he was still here. He was the kind of father that any little girl would have been lucky to have.

The Bulger’s story has impacted many people, as evidenced by the fact that the Doctors’ episode has received more than 3 million views on YouTube.

One of the commenters wrote, “I hope she can feel his touch for the rest of her life.” [Citation needed] Sending lots of warm wishes and hugs to the entire family.

Someone else commented, “She is a wonderful mother. I pray that the Lord will continue to shower his favor onto her and her family.