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The behavior of Prince George and Princess Charlotte during the funeral, according to Sharon Osbourne, can be summed up in one word… Learn more below…

Anyone who watched the burial of the Queen on Monday is sure to have been struck by how exceptionally well-behaved Prince George of Wales and Princess Charlotte of Wales were during the service. After all, the Prince of Wales and the Princess of Wales’ two eldest children are just 9 and 7 years old, respectively.

Prince Louis did not attend the solemn event, most likely because his antics at his great-Platinum grandmother’s Jubilee festivities are still fresh in everyone’s mind. Aside from that, the child who is currently fourth in line to the throne is only four years old. His mother, Kate Middleton, has stated that her youngest child is having a difficult time processing the passing of the Queen; however, he is much too young to attend a funeral and be expected to sit still for the duration of the service, especially considering that, as Twitter pointed out, the events of the day dragged on and on.

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One well-known royal watcher found themselves particularly affected by the way in which the younger members of the royal family carried themselves during the highly-attended ceremony. Sharon Osbourne was one of the many people who stood in the long line of people waiting to see the Queen’s coffin while it was lying in state, but who was not one of the 2,000 people who were closest and dearest to the crown, shared her thoughts on George and Charlotte while she was a guest on “The Talk” and discussed how she felt about them on a sad day (via People and BBC).

Sharon Osbourne was eager to bestow praise on the future king of England and his younger sister during a portion of “The Talk” in which she called their conduct during the burial ceremony for the Queen “impeccable” (via Twitter).

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It is important to point out that the Prince and Princess of Wales, along with their two eldest children, were seated in the front row of Westminster Abbey during the approximately one-hour service, putting their demeanor front and center for the entire world to see (via E! News and The New York Times). In addition to Sharon Osbourne and Vanessa Feltz, other people, including one attendee at the burial and even parenting specialists like Gifty Enright, have spoken out in defense of Princess Charlotte and Prince George’s actions at the funeral of their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

According to Sharon Osbourne, the young members of the royal family were “bred to do what they’re doing.”

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Sharon Osbourne gave the audience even more of her observations based on what she saw from Prince George of Wales and Princess Charlotte of Wales, informing them: “According to “The Talk,” “They were simply meant to accomplish what it is that they are doing.” It’s amazing to think about.”

In addition to that, she enjoyed witnessing George’s younger sister coaxing him to bow as the coffin of the Queen went over Wellington Arch at the entrance of Buckingham Palace (via Fox News). In a related development, the prince did not waste any time in taking his brother’s counsel about correct etiquette. The two members of the royal family are unquestionably gathering quite the following.