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Sylvester Stallone cared for his autistic son at home away from the public, refusing to take him to a facility…

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Sylvester Stallone, who is famous for his work in movies, is a doting and happy father of five children. Sadly, he has been through a great deal of suffering in connection with two of his children.

The respected actor had a highly successful performing career but also struggled with traumatic experiences throughout his life. Sage Stallone, his eldest child, passed away from heart illness in July 2012 at the age of 36 at his home in Los Angeles. It was a devastating loss for him.

After the announcement of his passing, rumors began to circulate that he had passed away as a result of drug use. On the other hand, a report from the autopsy showed that this was not the case, and the coroner for Los Angeles County said that atherosclerotic coronary artery disease was the cause of death.

Sage followed his doctor’s orders and took various prescriptions on a daily basis; as a result, he tested positive for the presence of Vicodin in his system. Despite this, the results of the drug test came back negative.

Those who were familiar with the film producer said that Sage had a quite different life from that of his internationally renowned parent. He was lazy about going to the gym and often ate fast food.

Shortly after the demise of his son, Sylvester issued a statement in which he addressed the disputed rumors that circulated about the reason for Sage’s death:

“There is no suffering comparable to the anguish that a parent feels after losing a child. Since of this, I am pleading with people to honor the memory of my tremendously brilliant son and have sympathy for his doting mother, Sasha, because the pain of losing him will be with us for the rest of our lives. This loss will be felt deeply by both of us.”

The devastated father said how much his son, Sage, meant to him and added that in Sage’s honor, he kindly asked the people to leave his son’s spirit alone so that it might rest in peace.

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The news that Sylvester learned about his second child, son Seargeoh Stallone, was just as painful. In 1990, when he made an appearance on “The Arsenio Hall Show,” the father of five confessed that he broke down in tears when he found out that Seargeoh had autism:

“That is not acceptable. That was a truly awful circumstance, and after that, I don’t think I ever had the same level of discomfort again.”

After receiving the news of the prognosis, Sylvester focused even more of his attention and energy on his youngest child, who was then three years old. The star of “Rocky” was married to his first wife, Sasha Czack, at the time. They had two children together named Seargeoh and Sage.

The parents immediately sought treatment once they saw something was awry with their youngest kid’s communication abilities. This was before they discovered that their youngest child suffered from autism.

He was one of a kind, that’s for sure, that Seargeoh. At a very young age, he was already able to write letters, draw, and even recite some language. Because of this, his parents referred to him as their “quiet genius.” [Citation needed]

They had no idea that their kid was struggling with a health ailment that required medical attention. Autism is a condition that affects five out of every 10,000 children and is characterized by a deficit in both social skills and communication abilities. Many of people who are afflicted become aggressive and self-destructive as a result of their condition. To Seargeoh’s good fortune, his father shared with him the news that he was not a violent person. It should be noted that his disease is not amenable to treatment or a cure.

After receiving their son’s prognosis, Sylvester and Czack “both broke down,” indicating that they were overcome with emotion. They were given the recommendation to put Seargeoh in a facility, but they ultimately chose against it and began providing for their kid on their own.

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Czack was forced to shoulder the whole of the responsibilities since the filmmaker needed to fulfill job commitments and was gone for the most of the time. “I was aware that Sly’s job obligations prevented him from participating to the same extent. We make the most of a bad situation. Consequently, I just said, “Give me the money, and I’ll see to it myself,” and that was that “In June of 1985, the actress disclosed to People her secret.

In 1979, Czack and Sylvester became parents to Seargeoh, who later followed in his parents’ footsteps by pursuing a career in acting. However, he only had a brief career as an actor since he only acted in one movie with his father, and that movie was “Rocky II.”

Following a marriage that lasted eleven years, Seargeoh’s parents finalized their separation in February 1985. During that time, he struggled with issues that are common among people with autism.

In spite of the fact that they were no longer together, Sylvester and Czack made sure that their kid was able to continue his education at home while also continuing to go to therapy. By the time Seargeoh was 10, he had improved both his mobility and his ability to communicate.

His father was honest with him about how he missed out on spending quality time with him when he was young due of his career. Sylvester admitted that he had not formed as strong of a connection with Seargeoh as he ought to have. Instead, he pretended to be one of the people he played with and stressed that he needed to be careful about how he interacted with him.

The man who was born in New York followed his son’s example in all that he did, and the two of them enjoyed doing puzzles together. Although Seargeoh had shown an excellent recall, his doting father noted that he had difficulty “applying what he had learnt.” When the award-winning actor visited his son in town, he made it a point to keep his son busy as much as possible during those visits. He reveals that:

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“I have made an effort to transform my backyard into a New England-style playground area, so that Seargeoh may play outdoors and connect with nature while also hearing the sound of water running. That seemed to bring a little more of his personality out of him.”

Raising Millions of Dollars to Save His Son’s Life
While their kid was hidden from the public eye, Sylvester and his ex-wife devoted their time to doing research in the hopes of finding a treatment that would help their son. The two individuals established a research fund with the intention of contributing financially to the National Society for Children and Adults with Autism.

“Sasha is in charge of the gritty, close-quarters fighting. I utilize my films as an excuse to have premieres, which in turn brings in money for the foundation “Once upon a time, Sylvester said.

During the most successful period of his father’s career, Seargeoh was given the diagnosis. In the 1980s, Sylvester raised one million dollars for the cause by holding two movie premieres, receiving individual contributions, and participating in a telethon.

The actor of “The Expendables,” who also has daughters Sistine, Sophia, and Scarlet with his third wife, Jennifer Flavin, commented on the accomplishment by stating that in order for a person to be successful, they must go headfirst into their endeavors while maintaining an optimistic outlook.

Sylvester pointed out that despite the fact that he did not have the greatest money, intelligence, or gifts, he was successful because he removed obstacles whenever and everywhere he could.