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Sister Paesie saves children from poverty and violence in Haiti

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Sister Paesie, a missionary nun, founded an organization to save children in Haiti from a wave of violence and poverty, following in the footsteps of Saint Teresa of Calcutta.

Sister Paesie

Sister Paesie is a French missionary nun of the Missionaries of Charity founded by Mother Teresa of Calcutta. She lived for 19 years in Cité Soleil, one of the poorest communities in Haiti, with the desire to show the face of Christ to save children.

In 2017 Sister Paesie founded the community “The Kizito Family”, an association of consecrated religious, priests and lay people, serving the poor of the Archdiocese of Port-au-Prince.

The following year, the nun founded the “French Family Association of Kizito Haiti”, which provides material and spiritual support for charitable activities in her community, especially for children living on the streets and other communities prisoner.

She explained that the association was named Kizito in honor of Saint Kizito, a young Ugandan martyr. In addition, the spirit of the Association is also inspired by the scripture “Let the children come to Me” and the message that Saint Teresa of Calcutta received from Christ. She said: “Jesus showed Saint Teresa of Calcutta many children in the dark and said to her: ‘Those children don’t love Me because they don’t know Me’ So these are the words that stop. Motivated me to start this community, to bring the light of Jesus to the children, especially the poorest.”

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Save children from poverty and violence in Haiti

Sister Poesie stated that her community has built eight schools in the worst-affected areas of Port-au-Prince since 2017. She and her collaborators provide education for approximately 1,200 children who have never been to school, as well as a safe place to live where they can study common sense and learn about Jesus, at these facilities.

In addition, to promote the meeting, the association has opened five houses for children “who have decided to leave the street,” as well as centers where missionaries teach catechism and other activities such as sports. your relationship with Christ

Sister Paesie explains that her organization was founded in response to the poverty and violence that most Haitian children face.

The nun, on the other hand, reported that violence had increased in recent weeks. A section of Cité Soleil is being attacked by criminal gangs, and many people are fleeing from the most vulnerable areas, including hundreds of children. As a result, camps must be built to house them.

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Save children from poverty and violence in Haiti

Sister Paesie emphasized that residents feared a massacre if gangs entered their neighborhood and warned that many lives had been lost. In this regard, Archbishop Mésidor called on the police, authorities, and the international community to take decisive and immediate action to end gang violence in July. “Violence and insecurity have become a daily curse on the people in a country already marked by so much poverty and suffering,” the archbishop said, condemning the absence of the right to power. The gangs remain active due to state power and a lack of support from other countries.

According to the Archbishop, the robbers appear to have unrestricted freedom. They hold meetings to plan attacks. Worse, social networks enable them to spread their message widely, with disregard for victims’ suffering and equal rights.

The bishop emphasized the urgent need to disarm the gangs because the public has a right to expect the police to disarm the illegal gangs immediately.

Sister Luisa Dell’Orto, an Italian nun of the Order of the Little Sisters of the Gospel of Saint Charles de Foucauld and a missionary in Haiti for 20 years, was killed in an armed attack on Port-au-Prince street in Haiti’s capital. She was rushed to the hospital, but she died shortly afterward, just two days before her 65th birthday.

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Faced with this situation, Paesie prayed for the people, particularly those in the Cité Soleil area. “The first thing we can do is pray, and we need to pray a lot […] pray that this does not happen because it would be terrible,” she said.

She requested financial assistance to continue her charitable work, particularly to cover the costs of the nearly one hundred employees and volunteers who assisted them. “We have a lot of material needs, such as feeding the children, maintaining schools, and paying teachers,” she explained.

Jesus we pray

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen

We pray for children all over the world to be happy and to have enough food and clothing. Pray for them to be healthy and filled with the Holy Spirit’s blessings.