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Sarah Jessica Parker’s recreation of Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding dress is the highest level of fashion

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New photos from the set of And Just Like That… season 2 show her character Carrie Bradshaw slipping back into a very important gown: her wedding gown.

The Vivienne Westwood gown Parker, 57, wears in Sex and the City, the 2008 film in which she marries Big (Chris Noth) before he cheats on her, appears to be making a comeback for the reboot. This time, however, there are a few minor changes.

Carrie originally wore the voluminous dress with champagne-colored heels and a dramatic veil, but new photos from November 3 show her wearing the gown with more modern touches. She’s dressed in teal heels, teal gloves, and a teal cape. All of these things go well with the bird on her head, which is an old part of the story.

Carrie later used the bird as proof that she was committed to getting married, so it became a crucial part of the outfit. Though Big “couldn’t get out of the car” to come to marry her, she didn’t mind putting a bird on her head. Commitment!

The new filming pictures don’t show what close friends Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) might be wearing for whatever scene they’re in, but in the film, they both wore stunning floor-length gowns to help with the wedding. Miranda wore a royal blue dress, while Charlotte wore a black mermaid robe. Samantha (Kim Cattrall) wore a fiery red gown with a matching bold red lip in the reboot.

Season 2 of And Just Like That… has yet to be announced, but the pictures from the set show that Carrie’s fashion is only getting better.

Parker is seen in one scene wearing a flight suit, which she accessorized with Dior gladiator sandals from the first Sex and the City film and a teeny, tiny Fendi ankle baguette that debuted on Kim Jones’ runway last month.

The $890 JW Anderson Pigeon Clutch Bag is perhaps the best part of this style, a departure from the Judith Leiber swan bag Carrie was known for carrying in Sex and the City.

Carrie’s style has wowed crowds since the show’s inception in 1998, thanks to her ability to pair completely unexpected pieces together in an effortlessly cool way. Consider the “bare waist and belt” look. This ultimate was inspired by the boys’ ensemble. not to mention her vintage football tee with pedal pushers and heels.