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Sara Gilbert Disclosed Her Sexuality To Johnny Galecki While Dating Him – He Kept Her Secret For Yrs.

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Gilbert and Galecki have been friends for a long time and, based on how close they are, may be considered as friendship goals.

They met while playing lovebirds. Darlene Conner and David Healy in the first season of the hit programme “Roseanne.” Their portrayal as lovebirds on the programme brought them closer together.

They have since appeared in a number of popular television series. Galecki, for example, played Dr. Leonard Hofstadter on “The Big Bang Theory” and served as an executive producer on “Living Biblically.”

Gilbert, meantime, established the daytime talk programme “The Talk” and has been in various TV shows, including “The Big Bang Theory” and “Living Biblically,” where she reconnected with Galecki.

Learn more about the former co-stars’ connection and how their friendship came to be what it is now.

Gilbert was born on January 29, 1975, to Jewish parents Barbara Cowan and Harold Abeles. She has four elder half-siblings in the entertainment industry, notably Melissa Gilbert and Jonathan Gilbert, who appeared on “Little House on the Prairie.”

Gilbert aspired to be an actor after being inspired by her brothers. She starred in TV movies as a child, including “Tales of the Apple Dumpling Gang,” “Runaway Ralph,” and “Poison Ivy,” in 1982, 1988, and 1992, respectively.

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She was cast as Darlene Conner in “Roseanne” at the age of 13 and remained in the programme for its entire nine-year run. She co-starred in the programme with Galecki.

On “Roseanne,” Gilbert and Galecki’s characters were boyfriend and girlfriend before ultimately marrying. As a result, they connected and became pals.

They later began dating, and Gilbert revealed her relationship with Galecki on a September 2013 edition of “The Talk.”

Gilbert stated that she felt Galecki was incredibly cute and admits to having a crush on him before their relationship began.

Gilbert stated on “The Talk” that once she and Galecki began dating, they would make out everytime he came over. She would, though, become melancholy as a result.

Gilbert’s melancholy sentiments after making out with Galecki disturbed him greatly, and he began to take it personally despite the fact that he had no idea what was going on. Gilbert recognised she was a lesbian and finally told Galecki.

Gilbert may have expected the worst after disclosing her sexuality to Galecki, however to her astonishment, he was encouraging.

The actress said that she trusted Galecki with her secret, and he never betrayed her by revealing it, even though she was afraid of the consequences if she did.

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Gilbert went on to say that Galecki’s love for her hasn’t diminished since then. She informed him of her intention to explore her sexuality and his relationship with it on “The Talk.”

Galecki had no objections to Gilbert talking about the situation on “The Talk,” and even volunteered to accompany her. She viewed Galecki’s encouragement as “kind,” and she decided that her narrative made him appear good.

Gilbert came out as a lesbian in July 2010, a few months before the premiere of her talk programme, “The Talk.” She had previously avoided addressing her sexuality in public, despite the fact that many individuals were aware of it.

She began dating TV producer Ali Adler in 2001. Gilbert and Adler have 2 kids: Levi Hank, Adler’s son, and Sawyer Jane, Gilbert’s daughter.

Gilbert and Adler divorced in 2011, yet they maintained their love for one another. Gilbert revealed during an episode of “The Talk” in November 2011 that she was dating former 4 Non-Blondes frontwoman Linda Perry.

Gilbert and Perry were engaged in 2013 and married in a private ceremony in Malibu, California, in March 2014. Several of the couple’s friends and relatives attended the wedding, which featured a lot of music.

Gilbert became a mother of three kids on February 28, 2015, when she gave birth to her and Perry’s first kid, a son called Rhodes Emilio.

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Gilbert is a passionate parent and family lady who revealed her departure from “The Talk” in 2019 to concentrate on her family and other job options.

Gilbert filed for formal separation from Perry on December 27, 2019, after five years of marriage. Their divorce was formalised two years later, in October 2019.

Gilbert’s friendship with Galecki has stayed steady throughout her life, despite the fact that she has gone through many changes. The former co-stars keep in touch and have numerous cute nicknames for each other as a show of their affection.

Due to how long their friendship has lasted and how they continue to encourage each other in their jobs and personal problems, Gilbert and Galecki are genuine BFF aspirations.

They are each other’s strongest supporters and have had many wonderful experiences together throughout the years. Furthermore, they have unexplainable chemistry that even lovers would like.

It’s wonderful to watch Gilbert and Galecki’s unusual relationship. One can only wish that they will continue to support each other and flourish in their professional and personal lives.

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