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Roseanne Barr has turned 70, and in that time she has lost weight, expanded her family, and reported that she and her husband of 20 years are “feeling good.”

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Roseanne Barr, known for her work in both acting and stand-up comedy, recently celebrated her 70th birthday. However, the actress’s history of making insensitive remarks has resulted in a significant setback for her career in the entertainment industry.

Barr was the primary character in her fan-favorite sitcom “Roseanne,” but after the actress tweeted a racist statement and compared former President Barack Obama and his former advisor Valerie Jarrett to an ape, she lost it. In the show, Barr played the role of Roseanne Conner.

Barr has not been shy about her admiration for the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump. But she justified her tasteless joke by claiming that she was sick and lacked emotional equilibrium at the time.

She thought it would be hilarious at the moment, but she was wrong about that assessment. Barr’s bigotry stemmed from the fact that she was under the impression that Jarrett was white.

The actress was subjected to a significant amount of criticism and later admitted to going into hiding for a few weeks. People report that when Jarrett was asked how she felt about Roseanne Barr’s statements, she responded by saying, “Roseanne who?” in response to the question.

However, when asked if she planned to watch one of Barr’s stand-up performances, the former government official responded that she would not be doing so and expressed her hope that no one else would either, in order to provide the comedian with a “teachable moment.”

Barr was aware of Jarrett’s reaction, and she stated, “I realize she thinks I wronged her.” Barr also stated that it was stressful to initiate a public apology because she was criticized for the same thing over, and she claimed that it was frustrating to apologize in public.

Nevertheless, in the midst of the uproar, Barr issued an apology and stated that she would be leaving Twitter. The actress stated that the backlash put an end to both her acting career and her life, but she was pleased to have triumphed over it.

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Barr’s life after the cancellation of her successful program demanded that she engage in self-reflection and undergo transformations in both her personal and professional spheres. Barr had three previous marriages end in divorce before she met John Argent, a writer and producer. Argent would become her life partner.

According to the actress, because they had spent the previous year chatting on the phone together, she had initially fallen in love with his voice. Barr went so far as to say that she did not care how he looked so long as he had teeth in his mouth. Barr remarked that Argent was one of the most gorgeous men she had ever met during their initial meeting, which she described as being a nice surprise.

The couple is taking their time deciding whether or not to be married. According to the Globe, whenever somebody brings up the subject of marriage, Argent is quick to respond by saying that he and Barr are doing just fine without an engagement ring.

Barr acknowledged Argent as her life partner in her book “Roseannearchy: Dispatches from the Nut Farm,” where she also expressed gratitude to Argent for “caring about truth and justice.”

Argent and Barr both have a passion for reading, and they often post films related to their favorite topics on Barr’s YouTube channel. The actress lauded Argent’s remarkable writing abilities after reading his most recent novel, which was titled “Henry Hoskins and The Hole Factory” and was published not long ago.

According to Closer Weekly, Barr and her life partner recently made an investment in a property in Hawaii that includes a macadamia nut plantation. There are 46 acres of land surrounding the home.

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The photographs of the Hawaiian mansion that the comedian has posted on social media demonstrate that the location is indeed breathtaking. With breathtaking sunsets, plenty of lush vegetation, and a garden bursting with the vibrant hues of a variety of blossoming flowers.

Barr disclosed that her house was formerly a museum and that she had completely remodeled it to suit her preferences. The front door of the property, which has three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms, is adorned with flourishing green plants and provides a bench for guests to relax on while taking in the scenery.

The kitchen features cupboards made of wood and equipment that are made of stainless steel. On the other hand, judging by the picture that Barr uploaded, her kitchen is so large that it might fit a bed.

The star of “Roseanne” posted yet another photo of herself in her bohemian-style living room, which she also shared with fans. The living room has a green accent wall, and the rest of the house has wooden furniture and a neural floral carpet. Both of these elements connect the room with the rest of the house.

Barr, too, put in a lot of effort to bring about her desired physical changes. Barr reportedly reached 350 pounds in the 1990s, which caused her to seek the assistance of a specialist in order to lose weight. Women’s Health magazine reported this information.

The legendary sitcom actress revealed in 1998 that she had a gastric bypass procedure, which resulted in her shedding 80 pounds. However, after losing that much weight, Barr was presented with the challenge of gaining access to her skin, which she resolved by undergoing a stomach tuck.

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The road was challenging for the actress; yet, despite the fact that she admitted to putting on extra weight along the route, Barr did not punish herself for her behavior.

She persisted in her laborious efforts. The comic said that her life-changing diet consisted of increasing her activity level and eating healthier foods. Her objective was to continue leading a healthy lifestyle since she cherished the way that her newfound weightlessness made her feel.

Barr has gone through a lot of life changes, but the actress recently revealed on Extra TV that being a grandma was the event that had the most impact on her. The comedienne is the grandmother of six grandkids, and she feels a strong sense of responsibility to help her children become responsible parents to their own children.

Barr acknowledged that this provides her a cause to be more insistent, but she stressed that her primary goal is to ensure that her grandkids have a happy and healthy childhood. With her romantic life going well and the excitement of being a grandma, she is doing well.

According to The Wrap, Barr has resumed his stand-up comedy performances. Her first appearance in public after the racist tweet she posted was in Las Vegas, where she was seen performing alongside another comedian named Andrew Dice Clay.

Barr was unafraid to remark on her firing by ABC or to continue making statements that were deemed controversial despite the fact that it was her first performance after the network had let her go.

The comedienne comes across as being naturally forthright and unafraid to say exactly what’s on her mind. Her book, which is titled “Roseannearchy: Dispatches from the Nut Farm,” is an uninhibited depiction of her thoughts regarding issues such as class warfare, feminism, and the expectations of a celebrity’s existence.