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Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie pay loving tribute totheir adored “grannie”… Learn more below…

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie are telling the world that Queen Elizabeth was more than just a monarch; she was also their cherished grandmother. This is something they are doing two days before the burial of the queen.

Both princesses reflected on their memories with their “Grannie” and how important she was to them by posting a picture of the three of them together with one of Queen Elizabeth’s much-loved dogs. Both princesses referred to Queen Elizabeth as “Grannie.” “We, along with a lot of other people, assumed you’d be staying here forever. And each and every one of us miss you profoundly, “The writing was done by Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. “You were our matriarch, our leader, and the kind hand that was always on our backs as we made our way through this world. You instilled a lot of knowledge in us, and we will always be grateful for those teachings and those memories.”

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As they strolled down memory lane, the two cherished the times they had with their grandma that they would never forget, such as the times they had a cup of tea and went fruit picking together. Beatrice and Eugenie noted that the comfort, pleasure, and laughter that the queen provided them were something that she also offered to the world. This was in reference to the fact that the queen had bestowed these emotions onto them.

“The whole world is in mourning for you, and all of the tributes would make you laugh out loud. They are all too real reflections of the exceptional leader that you are, “the sum of the two However, Beatrice and Eugenie reminded everyone that while the queen should be cherished by the whole world, for certain very special people, she will always be a grandmother. “We are overjoyed that you have returned to be with Grandpa. We are going to miss you very much, Grandma, since being your granddaughter has been the greatest honor of our life, and we are so very proud of you.”

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