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Pierce Brosnan is a proud grandpa of three and lives with his family in Hawaii

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Pierce Brosnan became a grandfather two decades ago, yet the position still excites him. He now resides in Hawaii with his wife, whom many criticized on social media due to her weight.

Pierce Brosnan has played various parts as an actor, but one of his favorites is the one that allows him to spend time with his family.

The “James Bond” actor has been one of Hollywood’s most sought-after guys and has even been dubbed “the sexiest man alive” a few times, but he has only ever had eyes for one woman, much to the chagrin of some admirers.

Keely Shaye Smith is her name, and he has been with her since they met in 1994. Pierce met her at a party in Cabo San Lucas a year before landing the James Bond role for which he is now famous. Pierce couldn’t stop thinking about Smith when he saw her. He stated:

“I missed her wherever I traveled in the world, and I’d mail her tickets to come so we could be together.” “We just appeared to get along.”

Pierce escorted her on the historic walk down the aisle in 2001, at the old Ballintubber Abbey in County Mayo, Ireland, in front of their friends and family.

They stuck together through thick and thin and now have children who have children of their own whom they adore. Pierce is now a well-known grandfather who enjoys spending time with his grandchildren.

Pierce and his wife were the parents of two children, Dylan and Paris. Aside from them, the actor had three children from his previous marriage to Cassandra Harris, who died in 1991 after a long fight with ovarian cancer. He also adopted her previous husband’s children, Charlotte and Christopher Brosnan.

Pierce has described the location as lovely, and he and his wife have always envisioned it as a retreat.

Everything was OK until 2013, when tragedy struck again. It was ovarian cancer all over again; this time, Charlotte was the victim.

It happened only a few years after her mother and maternal grandmother died from it. The event was devastating, but Pierce and his family survived.

Despite what transpired, he and his wife remain deeply in love with one another. They adore holding hands and still sneak kisses at each other whenever possible.

Many people have reported that they are occasionally mistaken for newlyweds, and this is still true. Pierce took to Instagram on their 25th wedding anniversary to deliver a beautiful tribute that had everyone in tears.

Pierce has credited Smith with shaping him into the family-oriented and all-around successful guy he is today, but the actor may have always been on the right track.

As a kid, he suffered from his father’s absence and lacked a strong family to lean on. Now that he has a family, he understands the significance of family and has never taken it for granted.

Pierce now lives far from the public glare, where he can spend time with his family and be with his wife, who has been severely abused on the Internet because of her weight. Pierce does not tolerate insults and has been known to verbally defend herself.

One admirer, for example, compared an old photo of him and his wife to a recent one of them and pointed out how different their bodies were, but Pierce responded on the since-deleted post, claiming that he loved his wife just the way she was.

Pierce’s feelings remain unaffected by what haters say on social media. In his opinion, “she is the most gorgeous woman.”

Pierce Brosnan became a grandpa through the late Charlotte and Sean, his two elder children. He became a grandfather for the first time roughly 20 years ago and has since earned a reputation as a loving grandfather.

He makes no secret of his admiration for his job as grandpa and has admitted that his grandchildren, Isabella, Lucas, and Marley, “melt” his heart.

In April 2017, he went on “Live With Kelly and Ryan,” where he spoke at length about his experience being a grandfather. He stated:

“It’s simply such a thrill to be a grandmother. There’s something intoxicating and wonderful about it.” “It has a really distinct quality about it.”

Pierce likes having the kids around, but spending so much time with them has made him understand life’s value. This has given him the zest for the life of a much younger guy.

After experiencing loss in the past, the gifted actor understands how fleeting life can be and is committed to spending as much time as possible with his family, children, and grandchildren.

Pierce has been living in Hawaii in a secret house for several years, pursuing his passion for the arts and spending time with his family. Earlier this year, he published images from the studio in the mansion, which enraged his admirers.

Fans applauded him in the comments section after seeing the photos of his completed handiwork. One even said the paintings reminded them of Picasso, the famed painter. The home is situated on five acres of property on a beautiful coastal estate in Kauai, Hawaii.

It was purchased in 2002, and the family has been alternating between it and their long-term residence in Malibu, California.

Pierce has described the location as lovely, and he and his wife have always envisioned it as a hideaway for themselves and their children. The family spent the majority of their time there during the COVID-19 epidemic.

They spend their time there swimming in the water, snorkeling, exploring the jungle, or simply sunbathing on the sand.

Because he listed their property in Malibu, there has been suspicion that the singer intends to make their home in Hawaii their permanent residence. He took it down in the end, but he has said that their Malibu home is the only place he sees them living in the near future.