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Patrick Duffy said that he “never thought” he would feel love again following the loss of his wife of 43 years, but he is now “happy.” Scroll down for more…

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Patrick Duffy, an American actor, and director has spent decades working in the entertainment business, and there is no question in anyone’s mind that he enjoys the work that he does.

However, the Hollywood giant is also remembered as a guy who fought against all odds to be with the woman he loved — his late wife Carlyn Rosser. Although he is best known for his portrayal as Bobby Ewing in the 1980s drama “Dallas,” he is also remembered as a man who loved Carlyn Rosser.

After having their first encounter on a tour bus, Duffy’s love story with the woman who would become the love of his life lasted many decades. Rosser was a ballet dancer at the time, whilst the actor had just graduated college and was working as a narrator for a dance show that was traveling at the time.

Duffy was unconcerned with the fact that she was 10 years older than her. The moment he laid eyes on the dancer, he was immediately taken aback by her beauty, and the actor knew immediately that he wanted to be with Rosser.

The smitten pair did not wait long to begin their courtship, and it was clear from the beginning that they were meant to be together. By February 1974, Duffy and Rosser had reached the point where they were ready to commit themselves to one another for the rest of their lives.

For the following several decades, it seemed as if they would never be able to realize their goal of spending the rest of their lives next to one another. However, in 2017, after 43 years of wedded bliss, the couple’s partnership came to an end as a result of the unfortunate passing of Rosser.

Rosser went away suddenly in January of 2017 when he was 77 years old. The news of her passing broke Duffy’s heart to pieces since he had centered his whole existence around her and could not fathom a world in which he did not have the ballerina in it. The fact that the actor’s wife passed away suddenly was a subsequent revelation that made the tragedy much more terrible for him. To quote him directly:

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“When she went away, it came as a shock to everyone. There was not the slightest hint. Therefore, it was the most significant change.”

It had to be difficult for Duffy to accept the fact that he would never see Rosser again since this knowledge broke his heart. Even after two years had passed after the loss of the ballet dancer, the Hollywood legend continued to refer to himself as “a married man.”

In the meanwhile, Duffy and Purl have just introduced a new baking product that pays tribute to the actor’s family and reflects their shared passion for the culinary arts.

The actor of “Dallas” said in an interview that he conducted in 2019 that he was able to continue hearing and seeing his late wife. He said that he always had the sensation of being near her and that he missed her touch the most. It is true that the movie actor was going through a tough period, but happily, he was able to get over the loss thanks to the support of his children.

They were there for one another during the difficult time, but Duffy could see that it was significantly easier for him to deal with Rosser’s dying than it was for his children since he was much older and had more experience dealing with sorrow than they had. The actor realized that he had to face the reality of his wife’s passing even though it was incredibly difficult for him to do so; else, he would be shattered for the rest of his life.

As a result, he gradually came to terms with the anguish while also trying to preserve the memories that he had with Rosser. After he had finished coping with his loss, Duffy gave up on the prospect of ever finding true love again. However, life had other ideas for him.

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After some time had passed, he would have a second opportunity at happiness with the Actress and Singer Linda Purl. It all started during the epidemic with the two of them messaging each other in a group chat, but after a short time, Duffy and Purl realized there was something going on between the two of them.

The two then moved on from messaging to FaceTime and then settled into a conversation on zoom that lasted between two and three hours before they went to bed.

In the year 2020, in the midst of the epidemic, Duffy and Purl finally saw one another in person for the first time after having been in constant touch with one another through technological devices for the previous four months.

By July 2020, they had made their relationship public, and ever since then, they have been inseparable. It has been an incredible journey for everyone involved, notably for Duffy, who went from believing that he would never find love again to being in a joyful relationship with someone else. According to what he says:

“Love came into my life even though I wasn’t seeking it.”

When everything was said and done, the entertainment icon’s excitement about dating again later in life could not have been higher. Together, he and Purl are having the time of their lives and participating in almost every activity. According to the Daily Mail, Duffy admitted,

“Our ways of life are very congruent with one another in almost every imaginable respect. The manner in which we prepare food, the manner in which we clean, and the manner in which we work together as people all take place in the kitchen.”

In the meanwhile, Duffy and Purl have just introduced a new baking product that pays tribute to the actor’s family and reflects their shared passion for the culinary arts. It has been determined that the new item is a sourdough kit that contains a dehydrated version of a starter that has been around for at least seven decades.

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In all of his years working in show business, Duffy has achieved quite a bit; yet, being a parent has been and will continue to be one of the most meaningful things he has done. Padraic and Conor are the names of the actor’s two boys, whom he shares with his late wife and for whom he has a deep and abiding love.

Who Are Duffy’s Little Ones, Anyway?

Padraic, the eldest, was born in 1974, the same year that his parents publicly declared their commitment to one another as husband and wife. The 48-year-old man is doing rather well in his chosen profession, despite the fact that he does not have the same level of notoriety as his father.

Padraic is now serving as the managing director of a Los Angeles-based theatrical group. Additionally, he is credited with writing the short play “Me, You, a Bag & Bamboo,” which was produced in 2009.

Padraic is not only successful in his business life, but he is also a devoted husband and father. He and his wife, Emily Kosloski, have been together for a long time and are the proud parents of two children.

On the other side, Conor has a significant amount of notoriety. This actor, who was born in 1980, has been in a number of notable projects, including “Dallas,” “Arrested Development,” “Superstore,” and “The Mick and Good Girls.” He is now 42 years old.

Additionally, much like his brother, Conor is a devoted family guy. Since 2006, he has been married to his wife, who is also a TV producer, and the pair is the doting parents of two adorable children.