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Passed grandmother left a message that was so hilarious people couldn’t help laughing at her funeral…

One of the hardest occasions in our lives is when a family member passes away. We frequently have trouble figuring out how to feel, and grief can occasionally win.

Perhaps one grandmother understood this all too well, so she made sure to leave behind something amusing when she passed away. She was so excellent at it, in fact, that her granddaughter snapped a photo and shared it on Twitter.

So what was left behind that affected everyone in that way? The note on the card read, “Let’s keep in touch.” Then there was a tiny Ouija board at the card’s base.

The grandaughter present, Gracie Perryman, made the decision to tell everyone about the incident. Received this at my grandma’s funeral,” she captioned the photo she uploaded. “What a symbol.”

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The photograph was published following the 81-year-old cancer death of her grandma, Jodie Perryman. When she was desperate to make others smile, she crafted the cards and little Ouija boards.

Perhaps as a result, it comes as no surprise that she was described in her obituary as possessing a quick wit and a sharp sense of humor.

People at the funeral were cracking up as they opened their envelopes.

“It was amusing since that was so her,” according to Gracie.