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On the occasion of his 78th birthday, Rod Stewart thanked his wife for making him into the family man he is today, bonded with his eight children, and doted on his granddaughter…

The legendary British singer-songwriter Sir Rod Stewart is now enjoying his 78th birthday with the woman he has been married to for the last 15 years. The artist says that the love and support of his wife, Penny Lancaster, are responsible for many of the wonderful developments that have occurred in his life. Rod is live evidence that even seasoned veterans are capable of learning new skills.

Before the singer of “Forever Young” started dating Penny, he had a string of unsuccessful relationships as well as two divorces under his belt. In the end, though, he did manage to find the one who would become the love of his life, and she was successful in assisting him in settling down. And the artist would be the first to acknowledge that he had an eventful history, but he is thankful that he was able to find a relationship that is both healthy and secure in the end.

The musician offered some commentary about his marriage to Penny, stating that he is “at a loss for words” when it comes to describing his wife and that she is his “everything.” He freely confessed that he never anticipated that she would remain with him for such a significant amount of time, but he is quite grateful that she did. In addition to this, Penny was successful in transforming the musician into a caring member of his family.

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Rob, despite his seemingly unflappable demeanor, was filled with anxiety the moment he was told the prognosis of his condition.

Rob’s first priority in life right now is his family, and he takes pleasure in quality time spent with each of his eight children. Rob said that he treasures every one of the children, despite the fact that many of the children have moms other than his own, and that he is doing his best to be an excellent father.

During the year 2017, Rob and his family struggled through a difficult period. The musician’s wife and children were shocked to hear the news that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. The singer said that it came as a huge surprise to all of them, and he was at a loss to understand what to make of the situation. The musician made an effort to keep his composure and hide his anxiety from others.

Rob is a wonderful grandfather who, in addition to being a devoted parent, does all in his ability to provide for his grandchildren.

Rob, despite his seemingly unflappable demeanor, was filled with anxiety the moment he was told the prognosis of his condition. He worried that he wouldn’t be able to see his children grow up, and his family worried about him as well, given that every one of them extended their support and endeavored to show him how much they love him. Two years later, to our great relief, he was declared to be cancer-free.

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As Rob’s children reach maturity and start families of their own, his already large family continues to grow. The actor was able to witness the birth of his granddaughter, Delilah Genoveva Stewart Del Toro, who is the only grandchild he has ever had. Kimberly Stewart, Rob’s daughter, is the young girl’s mother. The role of the little girl’s father was played by actor Benicio Del Toro. Rob made the following observation about his granddaughter:

“It is really fantastic. I do not get to see her very often, and when I do, she seems rather reserved with me. Because of my hair, she imagines that I am some kind of lion. But she has a stunning appearance.”

Rob is a wonderful grandfather who, in addition to being a devoted parent, does all in his ability to provide for his grandchildren. One of the best days that the guitarist had ever experienced was the day when tiny Delilah was finally brought into the world. In point of fact, the whole of the extended family made it a priority to express their happiness and support with the arrival of the infant.

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Alana Collins, Kimberly’s mother, was there to support her daughter, and even Rob’s second wife attended to express her solidarity with the family. Kimberly celebrated her 32nd birthday on the same day that she gave birth to her first child, making the day doubly memorable for her.

Rob then moved on to addressing any and all concerns that he could. After Delilah’s delivery was completed without incident, he returned home, but on the very following day he was back at the hospital. He took his children along with him, one of them being Sean, who is Kimberly’s biological brother. Famous Grandpa fell over over heels in love with Delilah at first sight and had this to say about his offspring:

“I adore all my kids. They are the single most important thing to me in this world. They are pulling me in more and more every time.”

Rob was reportedly seen out and about with Kimberly and Delilah earlier today. Even though he doesn’t get to spend much time with his granddaughter, he enjoys taking care of her whenever she comes to visit. When he has the opportunity, he takes Delilah and her mother out to breakfast, and while they are there, he has been seen smiling smugly to himself as he pushes Delilah about.