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Nick Clooney says when his son George met his current wife, his first thought was…

George has been a fan favorite ever since he made his debut in the television series “ER” and the film adaptations of the “Oceans” series when he was a younger.

George was the archetypal image of the bachelor after his divorce and people  were left pondering this nearly incomprehensible relationship status.

When he was questioned about the likelihood of him ever tying the knot again, he said “I keep saying I’ll never get married again or have children but people simply don’t want to believe me”.

However, after meeting Amal Alamuddin, a British-Lebanese human rights lawyer, in 2014, George’s determination to never go down the aisle seemed to dissipate.

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At a dinner party in 2014 attended by their mutual acquaintances, one lady managed to eventually be successful in changing the confirmed bachelor’s mind.

Nick Clooney’s first reaction upon seeing his kid interact with Amal Alamuddin was to make a statement.

“She introduced herself to us and we spoke and we all had a good time. She was obviously extremely attractive, stunning, and so obviously talented; nevertheless, by the time we had dinner together that night, it was evident that she had a warmth and an inclusivity about her.”

It was obvious to him that there was a spark of attraction between the two of them.

“I genuinely believe that by the time that first [meeting] was through, both his and her destinies had been set in stone.

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He was so spectacular when she was around, and she was so extraordinary herself. He knew very instantly that this young lady would mean something to him.”