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Little little girl gives her hero garbage collector a cupcake, not knowing what comes next

On her third birthday, Brooklyn’s dreams came true when she met Delvar Dopson.

Brooklyn Andracke adores her garbage collector, who always honks and waves as he drives by her house every Thursday morning.

That’s not true. She is a huge fan. Delvar Dopson is, in essence, her hero.

“To Brooklyn, he is our beloved awesome smiley garbage man,” Traci Andracke, her mother, told The Huffington Post.

Brooklyn’s interest in Dopson began when his truck drove by their Bloomington, Illinois, home every Thursday at about the time Andracke and Brooklyn were leaving for daycare.

Brooklyn observed Dopson driving the enormous vehicle when the couple went outside to see it instead of observing it from inside the house.

“After then, it was all about him,” Andracke explained. “It wasn’t the trash truck” she wanted to see anymore, but the “garbage guy. t

So, when Brooklyn turned three on April 7, she decided she wanted to spend some of her special days with him. She waited attentively outside her house until Dopson drove onto their street. As he told the garbage truck driver to stop, Brooklyn gave him one of her birthday cupcakes.

“As a mother, I can’t even express how happy it made me that she finally got to see him,” Andracke told HuffPost. She was literally starstruck and couldn’t say anything. “All of the talking has to be done by me.” “And she is never short of words.”

Andracke told the city of Bloomington that Dopson was “immediately speechless” in a letter she sent. The city later put the letter on Facebook, and it has since gone viral.

“I told him that he makes our day every Thursday, and we truly appreciate the honking and waving, as well as how precious a day it is for us,” she continued. “We went to childcare after he had departed. In the backseat, Brooklyn was abnormally silent. When I inquired whether she was okay, she said, “Mommy, I’m so thrilled.e

Dopson came the next week for his trash collection round and gave Brooklyn a late birthday present: toys from her favorite movie, “Frozen.” In exchange, Brooklyn sent him a thank-you card, which he proudly displays in his vehicle.

Andracke told The Pantagraph that the amount of attention shown to her daughter and Dopson had “blown them away.”

“I’d like people to remember that a modest gesture like a honk, wave, or grin doesn’t need much effort. Simply do it. Spend an additional second assisting someone or smiling at them. “HuffPost spoke with the mother.” “You never know who will be on the receiving end of that grin and how much it will improve their day.”