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Lauren Daigle Blows Audience Away With Epic Performance on ‘The Voice’ Finale

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Christian recording artist Lauren Daigle graced ‘The Voice’ stage, performing her song “Hold on to Me” for the show’s finale. Her ad-libs at the end of the song gave the audience chills.

As the song concluded, Daigle started singing, “There is hope for the world, there is hope for the world, all you gotta do is hold on, lemme tell you now, just hold on, hold on to me.”

Following the performance, the Christian singer said she is “still on cloud 9 after an incredible time” on the show.

“There are so many moving pieces in days like this, and it all happens so fast – but every moment is just so much fun,” Daigle said. “Very grateful.”

She later said that her “Voice” performance was one of her absolute favorites.

Social media users praised the “You Say” singer following her performance, even tweeting that she took the audience to church!

One user tweeted, “You are beautiful, and your performance was special. I just wish I would have remembered to record it so I could watch it over and over again.”

Another user tweeted, “My wife and I danced! You can hear the love of Christ in your voice.”

Daigle used the music video for “Hold on to Me” to raise money for charities. She said the song was written for “the person who feels lonely, the person who feels defeated.”

Watch the epic performance below.