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Kevin Costner confesses how it feels like to be the father of 7 children and what he’s still struggling…

Through his deeds and emotions on the big screen, Kevin Costner has consistently won over our hearts. Some people would even claim that Costner is the “king” of Hollywood romance because he has starred in so many wonderful love stories.

Costner did not have much success finding love in real life, despite his frequent position as the king of love on television and film. The actor spent many years trying and failing in romances till, at the age of 49, he eventually discovered love and hasn’t looked back since.

Kevin Costner is a multitalented individual with an endearing likeability. His renowned performances in movies like “Field of Dreams,” “Bull Durham,” and “Dances With Wolves” demonstrate this. For more than three decades, Costner has been a prominent figure in Hollywood.

The family man, who has seven lovely children, is a leading man in real life in addition to being the epitome of a successful actor. Yes! The actor, who was born in California, is also a father to three girls, Annie, Lily, and Grace, as well as to Joe, Liam, and Cayden, plus Hayes. Although the role might sound challenging, Costner says he enjoys it that way.

The “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” actor admitted he occasionally found it challenging to manage two groups of kids at once in previous media interviews.

Why two groups of children? Costner’s kids, though, are a whole new level of a family. The youngest of the seven children, who have been with his present wife Christine Baumgartner since 2004, and the oldest, who are from prior relationships, have an age difference of 26 years.

Being a well-known actor, Costner revealed that he enjoys both his career and being a father. “I’ve always believed that movies are magical. You get to play heroes in the movies, but for a brief period of time, you get to be just a father and go home “explained he. The actor and father continued, “I have played two roles in my life, one I am paid to do, which is acting in movies, and the other one is being a father, for which I’ll be rewarded my entire life.

Despite the age gaps between his children, Costner also makes an effort to make sure they all feel equally loved. “Do you care for us now as much as you do them? is a natural question that arises when these kids interact, and it’s important to discuss how enormous love is when it does. There is still love for you even if you have the capacity to love someone else. Love seems to be able to hold onto as many participants as are required in its circle “In 2015, he stated.

He noted that integrating his younger and older sets of children was no easy task. “There is a lot of space (for love). And that’s how it is with kids. If there was any envy, I simply told (my older kids) that they would spend twice as much time with me while I was alive. When I replied, “Look, they’re not going to have what you had,” they all immediately embraced one another.”

As we age, we become more and more conscious of the reality that we only have a finite amount of time to spend with our loved ones. Costner takes this to heart. The “Yellowstone” actor explained that he makes an effort to spend as much time as possible with his younger children, daughters Grace and sons Cayden and Hayes. He achieves this, for example, by casting them in his own film projects. Hayes and his father will work together on the four-part Western epic “Horizon.”

Costner remarked, “He’s pretty good.” “However, I sort of planned on doing it so he could hang out with me. And the same is true for Cayden and Grace. ‘Wow, that’s very fantastic. You ought to accompany me.”

He also discussed with the site how rewarding fatherhood is, despite the occasional downer moments.

“You have to play with them while lying on the ground. And the sad thing is that when you train someone to be independent, they end up being that person. I’m a parent just like any other, so I’m trying to figure it out “explained he.

Although the rest of the world might think of him as a successful superstar, the actor claimed such is not the reality.

“My job is to provide. I’m a spouse and a father, but I’m not the center of the universe, “explained he.

“When I’m not working on a movie, my wife and I are usually on the freeway, either driving the kids to their destinations or waiting for them to finish a party. I’m simply fidgeting here. People have the erroneous impression of how my life is.”