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Keith Urban overcame a challenging upbringing to become the kind of father he always envisioned being for his two daughters…

Keith Urban, a singer who has won several Grammy Awards, is known for the fact that he does all he can for his two girls, treating them very well and instilling in them a sense of love from the moment they were born.

Urban had a difficult upbringing, in part because his father did not give him the impression that he was loved while he was growing up.

In the end, the musician got over it and made it a goal of his life to become the kind of parent he had always dreamed of having when he was younger.

He is fortunate in that he has a partner in life with whom he can share his children. Nicole Kidman, who was nominated for an Academy Award and won, is Urban’s wife.

Their romance started several years after Kidman was finally able to complete her divorce from her former husband, Tom Cruise. The marriage between Kidman and Urban took place in Sydney, Australia, which is also their permanent home.

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Since that time, the couple has been focusing their attention on bringing up their two daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, who were born in the years 2008 and 2010, respectively.

Urban attributes his development into the wonderful parent he is now to the lessons that he learned through these trying times. He was born in Whangarei, New Zealand, to Bob and Marienne Urban, who are his parents.

When Urban was only two years old, he relocated to Queensland, Australia, with his family. It was in Queensland that he first showed an interest in music, which he continued to develop in the years that followed.

His parents encouraged him to pursue his early passion in the art form, and when he was only six years old, they taught him how to play the guitar and the ukulele.

Notably, his father, who at the time was the owner of a convenience shop, put up an ad asking people in the community to recommend someone who could teach his son how to play the guitar.

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In the end, Urban was successful in breaking into the music industry in Australia.

In 1990, he published an album and began playing as a backup act for Australian music star Slim Dusty. This ultimately brought him to Nashville, where he finally gave a performance at the Grand Ole Opry.

Even while his parents, particularly his father, were very important to his career in music, things at home weren’t quite what they looked to be when he was growing up.

During an interview, Urban discussed a previously undisclosed aspect of his connection with his father, which he says was a contributing factor in his downward spiral.

“I seem to recall that he used corporal discipline as a form of discipline, if you had asked me that question ten years ago, I would have said,

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“He never did anything to me that I didn’t deserve, now I understand that it’s not about whether or not I deserve it.

When I was a child, I don’t remember his ever telling me that he loved me. When I would do a show that I felt was amazing, all he would say is, “When you talk onstage, you’ve got to slow down.”

Now, Urban can look at his two beautiful girls and beam with pride. Urban raved about becoming a father and his children, “I can’t even begin to describe the sensation. And having daughters – I adore having girls.

You should know that I come from a household with just one brother and no sisters.

Therefore, the learning curve has been fairly steep, but in a really positive manner.”

Urban has often expressed his adoration for his two children, Sunday and Faith, and he is clearly buoyed by the joy that comes with being a parent.