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Grandma is asked by a toddler, “I’m poor, ain’t I?” Watch the video below…

People often say that it takes a village to raise a kid, but this particular youngster is also contributing to the growth of his community.

Jake Boone has a wealth of wholesome information that he may impart to his loved ones.

Therefore, his family began recording him as he went about his normal daily routines.

Jake does not censor himself when it comes to imparting either his knowledge or his viewpoint.

The highlight of the performance is his strong Kentucky drawl.

This young lad has such a charming accent that he sounds like an elderly gentleman from the south.

Jake Boone is a native of the Kentucky town of Sunfish, which is a rather tiny village.

It may be found in the far northwestern part of Edmonson County, Kentucky, in the United States, very close to the county boundary with Grayson County.

We all have a soft spot in our hearts for the stereotypical rural boy that he embodies.

Jake and his grandparents are regulars at the family farm, where they spend most of their time together.

This is where Jake gets his life experience and skills from. Jake’s “grammy” is the name given to the lady who appears in the majority of the films and quizzes Jake on various aspects of life on the farm.

Grammy is aware of how unique her grandson is, and as a result, she does not want to miss out on any of his moments.

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Jake took first place on America’s Funniest Home Videos when he was just three years old, winning a cash reward of $10,000.

The video showing Jake supposedly “assisting” his mother with the shopping list was handed in by Jake’s parents.

After seeing that Jake is a natural in front of the camera, they came to the conclusion that his endearing qualities will entice a large number of people to watch his episodes and eagerly anticipate the next ones.

Jake has always been the most helpful member of his family to anybody else.

Despite the fact that he was unable to write at the time, he was determined to make a list of everything that his mother need from the shop.

This is what people mean when they talk about the language of love. What a cute and cuddly little fella.

After making its premiere on America’s Funniest Home Videos, this video quickly became quite popular on YouTube.

Because Jake’s family felt that his unique personality should be shown on a regular basis, they decided to launch a YouTube channel under the moniker “Life According to Jake Boone.”

Jake has more than 35,800 people subscribed to his channel. In addition, Jake’s family established a separate Facebook page in his honor, which now has a total of 706,399 followers.

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Everyone is waiting with bated breath to hear what Jake has to say.

“He’s like an elderly person in a tiny kid’s body,” Jake’s mother said to their local news station WBKO, referring to her son. He is capable of saying the most hilarious things. Additionally, he is a really kind little boy. He has a kind and generous soul.”

While Jake and his grandmother were having breakfast together one morning, his grandmother began recording their conversation.

Just now, Jake and his grandmother were having a conversation about life on the farm; nevertheless, having a conversation about life in general with Jake will always result in some off-the-cuff comedy.

This day was no different as he pondered and inquired of her his financial situation, wondering whether he was destitute.

And what’s more, regardless of our occupations or how we spend our time, we all have the same concern. Jake is not even close to being behind.

Jake is describing to his grandmother the work vehicle and trailer that he uses for his job down among the cows. The truck is a flatbed truck.

You are in for a big shock if you believe that he is exaggerating or talking about the adult trucks and trailers since none of those things is true.

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Jake is able to assist with agricultural work thanks to his own flatbed truck and trailer.

Jake is not intimidated by the prospect of working on the farm all by himself.

He then shifts the focus of the talk to the straw that is grown on the farm.

Because his grandfather always does it, he assures his grandmother that he is exempt from the responsibility of loading it himself.

As soon as Jake’s grandfather is brought up in conversation, his thoughts immediately begin to wander. Jake can only conclude one thing based on the fact that Pappy has two trailers but is only using one of them himself.

“I don’t have much money, do I?” Jake inquires about his grandmother.

This will definitely put a grin on your face, and it even had his grandmother laughing out loud. The video was described by Jake’s grandmother as, among other things.

“Jake was beginning to question whether it was really possible for him to be impoverished!” No way! “He has a lot of affection, and that’s the most essential thing!”

Grammas are absolutely on the money when they say that being rich in love is the most essential thing.

You can find out who else Jake thinks could be impoverished by watching the lovely chat that took place below.