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Farrah Fawcett would have been “proud” of her son

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Hollywood actress Farah Fawcett only had one child, whom she loved. Despite spending nearly two decades with him, her child’s father repeatedly begged for her hand in marriage.

Farah Fawcett, an actress, said she had a fake pregnancy years before her son was born and used that time to plan her future.

“So, I tried to arrange my life,” Fawcett said in an interview four years before giving birth to her sole child, a boy named Redmond, whom she welcomed with actor Ryan O’Neal. The joyful father, who had documented the key moments of the labor, cut the umbilical cord upon birth.

Fawcett became a first-time mother at the age of 37, and the press noticed that she did not pursue alternative possibilities for having a kid at her age.

In January 1985, Fawcett gave birth to her son. It was nonetheless astonishing that she had a pregnancy while focusing on her work and did not finish.

Fawcett enjoyed parenthood and had previously stated a desire for a child when asked if she would want one if she remarried. When she met O’Neal, she was still married to her one and only husband, actor Lee Majors, whom she married in 1973 but had no children with.

However, the couple was separated and going through a divorce at the time. Even after the divorce in 1982, marriage remained a touchy issue.

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During an interview with Interview Magazine in December 1981, Fawcett stated that she did not want to marry the father of her child and avoided the topic of remarrying. According to ABC News, the Texas native and O’Neal began dating in 1980 and shared a home with their son Redmond.

During an interview on “20/20” in June 2009, the “Paper Moon” star admitted to Barbara Walters that he had continuously asked Fawcett to marry him over the years and that he was sure that they would finally walk down the aisle:

“I used to constantly beg her to marry me. But it had to be a joke, you know. “We just made a joke about it.”

Unfortunately, that never happened because the pair dated for 17 years before splitting in 1997. Fawcett once stated that the “Love Story” star was “too pushy” for her, so she declined her offers.

In December 1981, the mother of one disclosed to Interview Magazine that O’Neal “barely lets me go to the gynecologist.”

Despite their split, Fawcett remained focused on her son, Redmond. She became a single mother to her then-15-year-old son, whom she fought to nurture when he became troublesome as a teen.

Fawcett’s sister, Diane, was also afflicted with cancer and underwent chemotherapy. Diane died of cancer in October 2001, at the age of 62, in Houston, Texas. She was laid to rest. Unfortunately, Fawcett’s mother died as well.

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Fawcett was then left alone with her father and son. Years later, she was diagnosed with anal cancer, and her condition deteriorated. When Redmond’s mother became ill, he and his father became close.

However, Redmond was arrested in 2009 after getting into issues with narcotics. His mother, however, was unaware that he had been imprisoned.

When Fawcett was battling the sickness, California officials permitted her son, who was in jail at the time for breaching probation on drug charges, to visit her at home for a minimum of three hours.

“Don’t rattle your chains!” O’Neal their son, seeing that the “Charlie’s Angels” star was unaware that her son was in jail. Redmond wept as he got into bed to cuddle with his still-sleeping mother.

Fawcett died on June 25, 2009, at the age of 62, after a three-year struggle with cancer. According to Good Housekeeping, her pals shared with people the final things she said before dying.

Mela Murphy, a friend of the “Playboy” model, said she was worried about her son’s future. When Redmond’s mother died, he was 24 years old, and Murphy said she told Fawcett that she would take after her kid.

“She was calling him “Redmond.” That was her final statement. I assured her I’d look after him and that I’d always be there for him. “You may leave now,” I replied. She died barely a few hours later.

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CNN said in June 2010, a year after Fawcett died, that Redmond went to her grave with his father and stepsister Tatum for the first time since the anniversary of her death.

He commented on the arrangement of her final resting place, expressed his happiness that he was able to see her and let her know he was doing well. expressed

“It was quite wonderful, very nicely put up.” “I’m simply glad I can be there for her and assure her that everything is well.”

At the time, Redmond was likely on a day pass from a drug rehab center in Pasadena, California, where he was getting treatment because the court had ordered it.

Meanwhile, during a private family and friends meeting at the Farrah Fawcett Foundation’s Beverly Hills offices, his father spoke openly about his healing journey.

O’Neal stated that it was clear that Redmond had made an attempt to improve himself, which made them pleased, and that he was permitted to show his face for the same reason.

“You know, to expose my face and let everyone know I’m doing well.” “You can’t hide forever,” Redmond replied. Tatum, his step-sibling, complimented him on his appearance and claimed his mother would have been “proud” of him.