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Even though Blake Shelton does not have children of his own, he has become a stepfather and says that he “can’t imagine” his life without his wife’s children… Learn more below…

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Blake Shelton, a popular country musician, was formerly married to Miranda Lambert, herself a prominent figure in the country music industry before he wed his current spouse. After performing a duet together at CMT’s 100 Greatest Duets event, the two were introduced to one another for the first time.

However, at the time, both Hollywood stars were committed relationships with other individuals. While Lambert was engaged to Jeff Allan McManus, Blake Shelton was already married to his first wife, Kaynette Williams, whom he wed in 2003. Shelton married Williams in the same year.

According to Us Magazine, Shelton and Williams ended their relationship, and Lambert called off her engagement not long before she started seeing the television personality in 2006.

Reba McEntire, Kelly Clarkson, Josh Kelley, and Martina McBride were present at Don Strange Ranch in Texas to see the country music legends walk down the aisle and get married.

After a lightning-fast courtship, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton finalized their divorce on the same day in 2015 and then announced their decision to end their marriage. They issued a joint statement in which they said:

“We did not anticipate the future to look like this.”

In July 2011, Shelton made public his long-held desire to start a family of his own and stated that he was inspired to do so by witnessing his parents interact with their grandchildren:

“More than anything else, I’m looking forward to the bond that will develop in the future between my parents and their grandchildren when I finally get to see them with their own grandchildren.”

However, a year later, his then-wife made a statement that contradicted his previous claims. In 2012, Ms. Lambert stated that she wanted to plan for parenthood “the correct way,” adding that because she and her husband both have busy occupations, having children at this time would be inconvenient:

“There is no need for me to start a family and bring my offspring up on a train or a bus. We’re both at the top of our game right now and having a great time, and I don’t think either one of us is considering making any kind of adjustment to the way things are going.”

In spite of this, the winner of the Grammy Award and the coach on “The Voice” – who were once labeled the “king and queen of the country” – did not have any children together until after the divorce was finalized.

In an article that appeared on the cover of Billboard in 2016, Blake Shelton was frank about his struggles following the breakup of his marriage with Miranda Lambert. During the seventh season of “The Voice,” he disclosed this information to Gwen Stefani, who was his coworker at the time but only a casual acquaintance at the time.

He remembers how startled she was when he told her that he and the songwriter had decided to go their own ways. According to Shelton, when the former No Doubt lead vocalist found out the news, she broke down in tears:

“I won’t ever forget the events of that day. When I looked across at Gwen, who was someone I had never met before, I noticed that she had large tears in her eyes. I had the idea, “Wow, she really feels terrible for me.”

He had no idea that Stefani was also going through a divorce with Gavin Rossdale, her spouse of more than 10 years (they had been together for twenty years and have three children), at the time. Despite this, she had not yet made the announcement.

Later that day, she asked to speak to Shelton alone, and he thought he would tell her something cliche about getting through the grief of his divorce. She had asked to speak to him alone earlier in the day. On the other hand, the opposite of that occurred.

The native of Oklahoma disclosed that Stefani did not “tell him much” about her love life, but instead merely mentioned that she was going through something comparable and that she understood what he was going through but could not stand it herself. In July 2016, Stefani revealed to Howard Stern that she “turned white” after Shelton informed her about the impending divorce he was going through.

The two first crossed paths in April of 2014 while working as coaches for hopefuls on Season 7 of “The Voice.” In November 2015, Stefani uploaded a selfie to her Instagram account that featured both her and Shelton. The photo was accompanied by the caption “Him” and a heart emoji.

After the pair had gotten everyone else speculating about the status of their relationship, his representative finally acknowledged their connection in November 2015. Prior to that, they had been sighted together throughout the Halloween weekend of that year.

The two smitten individuals made their first public appearance as a couple at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in February 2016. A witness who was present at the moment relayed to People that the couple displayed excessive levels of devotion for one another, moved as one unit, and smiled continuously during the event.

In October 2020, Shelton and Stefani announced their engagement. The woman who was already a mother of three children shared a photo on social media of herself and her fiancé sharing a passionate kiss while she displayed her ring. The caption says “Yes, please” (or something similar).

“The singer of “Nobody but You” published the photo on his social media account and expressed his gratitude to the woman who was his betrothed at the time for “saving my 2020 and the rest of my life.” I love you. I thought I heard a YES!”

According to People, the happy couple eventually were married during the Fourth of July weekend in 2021 at Shelton’s Tishomingo property.

After Shelton married Stefani, he took on the role of stepfather to Stefani’s children and quickly developed feelings for them. The pop singer and her ex-husband, Rossdale, are the parents of their three sons: Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo.

However, as Shelton entered their life, her brood became blessed with an additional father figure. A source told People that before Shelton popped the question, he contacted his stepsons for consent. This information was provided by the source.

According to the information provided by the insider, the family of Gwen Stefani had previously given their blessing to the singer of “Happy Anywhere,” praising him as a “wonderful extra dad to the boys,” after he had already won their approval.

To such an extent that he admitted to Entertainment Tonight in August 2022 that his wife and stepchildren take precedence over his music business since they all represent “a new period of my life,” he said that his music profession takes a back seat to his family.

Shelton noted that despite the fact that he would not completely stop singing now that he has a family, he was simply going to take a more laid-back attitude to his new life. He added that this was not an indication that he would stop singing altogether. To his good fortune, his record label gives him more creative leeway when it comes to writing music, which helps him maintain a healthy work-life balance.

In February of 2021, Shelton said that stepping into the role of stepfather was not without its challenges. He revealed the fact that he, too, has a stepfather in his life who motivates him and instructs him on how to be a responsible dad to his stepchildren, an endeavor that he takes very seriously.

He mentioned that despite having so much responsibility, he still finds time to joke around with the kids. The celebrity on television claimed that he does take his duty as a father in their life seriously while still making sure to provide room for enjoyment. “It’s impossible for me to picture my life without these children,” Shelton added.