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Donnie Wahlberg’s children aren’t interested in his fame after he fought for them custody with his ex-girlfriend…

Donnie Wahlberg is one of the most well-known music legends in the world, and he takes pleasure in the attention that comes with his celebrity status. On the other hand, the singer’s children, and notably his first son, have said that they want nothing to do with their famous father’s career. The specifics are as follows:

Donnie Wahlberg is a member of Mark Wahlberg’s extended family. Mark Wahlberg is a well-known actor and producer. Having said that, the former is also a well-known celebrity in his own right. Donnie is well-known for his work as a singer, songwriter, and producer, in addition to his role as a founding member of the boy band New Kids on the Rock.

A place in the hearts of music fans has been earned by the starlet and his band thanks to the numerous singles that they have delivered over the course of their career. However, despite all of the success and wealth, Donnie’s successful job is not the only amazing feat he has accomplished in his life. The singer is also a devoted parent to his two boys, whom he shares with Kimberly Fey, the woman he was previously married to.

In 1993, when Donnie was just 23 years old, the couple had their first child, a boy named Alexander. The arrival of Alexander altered everything for the show business star and put him on the proper road. At the time, the songwriter was on the more rebellious end of the spectrum. Once upon a time, Donnie confirmed:

“I know it sounds trite, but I finally decided to stop living for myself and start living for him. It is no longer about my legacy, but rather about my capacity to care for him.

A few years after Alexander was born, it looked as if Donnie was heading in the right direction. He eventually tied the knot with Fey, and in 2001, after the couple had been married for two years, they became parents to their second kid, Elijah.

The four of them had a happy life together, and Donnie did all he could to be a wonderful parent to his children. However, in 2008, his paternity was put to the test in a significant way.

After nearly nine years of marriage, Fey filed for divorce, claiming irreconcilable differences as the reason for her decision. In addition, the court filings indicate that she was requesting full custody of their two children at the time of the hearing.

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In point of fact, Donnie went through a challenging period during which he struggled to guarantee that he could see his children. A confidential out-of-court settlement between the producer and his ex-wife was eventually struck and finalized in a courthouse in Ventura County.

After more than a decade has passed, the exes’ children are all grown up and on their own. But Alexander and Elijah are seldom seen in public, and there is a good reason for this, despite the fact that their father is a well-known star with a significant public presence like Donnie.

In contrast to the majority of children who have famous parents, Donnie’s boys do not relish the chance to steal the show whenever it presents themselves. Alexander and Elijah were formerly cast members of the reality program “Donnie Loves Jenny,” which was hosted by the musician Donnie Iris and his wife Jenny McCarthy. On the other hand, the parent of the siblings would sometimes mention that his boys did not like it since there were so many cameras around. To quote him directly:

“Everything worked out well for us. It’s simply that none of our kids really cared for it that much. They did not take well to the presence of the cameras.

The record producer went on to say that if he and McCarthy were to do another reality program, it would be about them adjusting to life as an empty nest since they would not be able to do another show until their children had grown up and left the house.

In the end, Donnie’s children stressed the importance of maintaining their privacy, and their dad did his best to accommodate their requests. Donnie took great care, even during an interview for the year 2020, to avoid mentioning his elder son Alexander by name or revealing any other personal information about him for fear that Alexander would get angry with him.

The only other information that little Donnie could provide about his kid was that he had a talent for music and played in a band. On the other hand, the singer was somewhat less secretive about her relationship with Elijah while still keeping a certain degree of secrecy.

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During his conversation with Jana Souskova, the celebrity said that Elijah was an excellent student at school. He went on to say that at the time of the interview, Elijah’s report card had only As and that he had received just one B during the course of his four years of education.

Given how highly Donnie regards his offspring, it is logical to assume that the “Blue Bloods” actor has a deep and abiding affection for them. It was verified by the music mogul during an interview with People Magazine, when he said that he would choose the safety of his children before his own life. According to the creative mind behind the lyrics:

“I don’t think about death right now, but if it were a matter of one of my children or myself, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to make a decision.” No question. ” I’m going! Parenting has a way of making you say “goodbye” to parts of your life.

Donnie said that until he had children of his own, he would never be able to comprehend why his parents were prepared to make such a sacrifice for them. The artist best known for his hit “Bring Back the Time” also gained a son during his second marriage to McCarthy, in addition to the two children he already had from his previous marriage.

A Look Into the Bond That Exists Between Donnie and His Stepson

After McCarthy and Donnie tied the wedding, Donnie became a stepfather to McCarthy’s autistic son from a previous marriage, Evan. However, the singer has always adored his stepson, even before they were married.

Donnie welcomed Evan into his home and raised him as his own right from the start of his relationship with his wife, and he never stopped doing so. McCarthy was left speechless when she remembered an act of generosity on the part of her husband toward Evan.

The actress related to Page Six that Donnie had promised her on one of those disastrous Christmases that he would pay for Evan’s college tuition, which caused her to break down into tears. McCarthy communicated the following to the news outlet:

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“I lost it because, you know, I was so worried if I would have enough money by the time he’d be able to go to college, and you know Wahlberg covered the bills and therapy, and we only had just met”, “I lost it because, you know, I was so worried if I would have enough money by the time he’d be able to go to college”, “I lost it because

After receiving such a kind gift, the actress could no longer deny that Donnie has a unique and endearing quality. She did not come to regret the choice to welcome him into both her life and Evan’s life once she done so.

Because Donnie and his stepson’s connection became stronger over the course of time, it became much simpler for him to make arrangements for Evan to be a part of his proposal.

McCarthy said that she was sitting with Donnie on the weekend when Donnie got up and walked into another room. When he came back out, Evan was carrying a card that said “will,” and he proposed to McCarthy. McCarthy recalled that she was with Donnie at the time.

After then, the autistic youngster raced back inside the room and emerged a second time with a card that simply stated “You.” Evan came back for the third attempt with the word “marry,” but with the spelling incorrect. Then, for the last time, Donnie exited the room with his stepson while wearing a shirt that had the word “me” emblazoned in a strong font across the front of it.

The moment the model revealed that she had accepted the proposal was an emotional one for her. The events that transpired immediately following her statement brought both her and Donnie to tears. McCarthy related the following:

When Evan heard the news, he exclaimed, “I have another dad!” and it brought tears to all of our eyes.

After a while, Donnie and McCarthy were married, and the three of them merged into one happy family. After they were married, the musician and his new husband became closer to one another by engaging in amusing hobbies together, such as capturing frogs. A few years have passed, yet nothing has changed since they remain as tightly connected as before.