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Do you remember seeing her before? Grab a tissue before you discover her real identity…

Fans of “The Real Housewives of Miami” were fond of Elsa Patton throughout her time on the show. Between 2011 and 2013, the television personality appeared as a guest on the show. Due to the popularity of her role as “Mama Elsa,” she even featured in her own spinoff series.

In the meanwhile, Elsa had major reconstructive surgery done on her face. She said that her plastic surgeon was “the guy who damaged my face,” referring to the drastic changes that he had made to her look. However, Patton, who died away in 2019, proved to be very lovely even before she had any of her procedures.

You merely need to be conscious of this fact.

Being comfortable in one’s own skin is often regarded as one of the most essential life skills. It makes no difference whether this requires one to have a certain size, weight, height, hairiness, baldness, or anything else related to one’s physical appearance.

There are some aspects of ourselves that none of us are quite content with. But in the end, it all comes down to how vital it is to feel safe in who you are. That’s where it all starts and ends. Instead of looking for validation from other people, the key is to find it inside oneself.

Some individuals alter their appearance by getting new haircuts, while others turn to physical activity or even surgery as a means of dealing with their issues. Some individuals are of the opinion that a more fundamental shift is necessary.

We’ll constantly reminding you that you should always prioritize doing whatever brings you the most joy and ease in your life. Nevertheless, if you are contemplating cosmetic surgery for whatever reason, it is strongly recommended that you seek the services of a qualified medical professional. Your life depends on you doing your homework to the best of your ability.

A significant number of famous people in Hollywood have opted to get cosmetic surgery. Others have gone to great efforts, in their judgment, to better how they seem on the outside. Some people have made the decision to fix relatively insignificant issues, such as their wrinkles or their nose, by undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Plastic surgeons have voiced their disapproval of some individuals, such as Simon Cowell, while others have reversed their positions after the event. Others have gone so far as to remove any Botox or other cosmetic procedures they’ve had in order to go back to their more natural look.

When we talk about extreme measures, we can’t ignore the potential dangers of plastic surgery. There are been cases in which a person’s face has been altered through cosmetic surgery to such an extreme degree that they are no longer recognizable at all.

One person who exemplifies this is Elsa “Mama Elsa” Patton. On the reality television show The Real Housewives of Miami, she shot to stardom with her daughter Marysol Patton. Elsa made appearances on the program from 2011 through 2013, which was more than enough time for her to rise to prominence as a result of her participation.

She quickly became a fan-favorite character on the show because to her witty one-liners, infectious laugh, and fierce demeanor. Elsa Patton had a number of cosmetic treatments done, to the point that a plastic surgeon in Tampa, Florida called it out and claimed that Elsa Patton was “no worse case” of plastic surgery gone wrong. This was after Elsa Patton had had a number of cosmetic surgeries.

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What really took place with Elsa, then? And how did she look before she went in for all of those procedures?

A search of the internet pulls up no in-depth interviews or feature pieces on the reality television star, leading one to believe that she has intentionally chosen to live a private existence. Everything changed after she became a regular cast member on The Real Housewives of Miami.

On August 25, 1936, Elsa Patton was born on the island nation of Cuba. In 2018, “Mama Elsa’s” husband of half a century, Donald Patton, died away. This was only 15 months before “Mama Elsa” departed this world.

The children of Elsa and Donald are known as Thomas Anthony Jones and Marysol Patton. Their daughter Marysol and Elsa would become well-known as a result of their appearances on The Real Housewives of Miami. The series was brought back for a fourth season in 2021, eight years after it had previously been canceled, and Marysol was one of the new cast members.

In spite of what was previously claimed, very little is known about Mama Elsa’s life outside of her time spent on The Real Housewives of Miami. Marysol, her daughter, said in an interview with RealityTea that her mother had always been a very outgoing and well-known person. Marysol stated this about her mother.

She recounted that when she was a child, “my mother always had so many people who continuously wanted to be around her; a lot of celebrities, a lot of very major people always wanted to be friends with my mother.” She was speaking about the individuals who wanted to be her mother’s friends. Because of her long history of captivating others, there is no reason to expect that things will ever change in that regard.

Marysol said, “It’s a bit different because people are approaching us, starring at us, pointing, or taking photographs, so that’s a little strange. It’s a little different when the two of us are out together on the streets.” But she takes great pleasure in doing it.

She achieved famous despite the fact that she did not appear on the program as one of the “real housewives.” Fans, on the other hand, appreciated her feisty temperament and the witty one-liners she spoke when she appeared with her daughter Marysol at a variety of events. She often proclaimed, “I’m a witch.”

She was swiftly given her own program as a result of the audience’s growing adoration for her personality. The spinoff series Havana Elsa made her debut in 2012, and it chronicled Elsa Patton’s preparations for the launch of her own coffee business.

She said at the time, “I adore Cuban coffee… and now I’m going to have a coffee of my own, it is going to be great, it is going to be to my liking, and on top of that I’m going to earn me money.”

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Due to the fact that there were only nine episodes of the program, its run was rather brief.

Elsa Patton portrayed the main character on The Real Housewives of Miami for a total of 17 episodes. It was instantly obvious that Elsa Patton had significant cosmetic surgery performed on her at various points during her life. On the show and on Marysol’s Instagram page, there are a number of pictures of Elsa when she was much younger and they reveal a totally different kid.

It was obvious that Elsa enjoyed having cosmetic surgery; yet, numerous things went wrong when she was having the operation done.

After an unsuccessful procedure, Patton once referred to her surgeon as “the guy who damaged my face” in a single sentence. Elsa has chosen to remain rather hush-hush about her transformation, though. It was her daughter, Marysol, who had earlier divulged some information of “Mama Elsa’s” activities to others.

She said that her mother had “hematomas on her eyes for like three years” as a consequence of having her eyelids changed in the 1980s. She said this happened after her mother had the procedure done.

At the same time, two professionals in the field of plastic surgery have voiced their disapproval of Elsa Patton’s surgical procedures. Benjamin C. Stong, a face plastic surgeon at Kalos Facial Cosmetic Surgery in Atlanta, Georgia, claims that Elsa’s situation is “probably the greatest instance of plastic surgery gone wrong” he has seen in his career. He went on to say that how she looked before her surgery is “almost impossible to even understand.”

The case involving Elsa was referred to as a “tragedy” in both moral judgment and medical skill by Dr. Farrior, a board-certified surgeon in Tampa, Florida.

It is probable that she harmed herself by self-inflicting her injuries rather than by persuading another person to do so. “That is where it ought to have stopped,” Dr. Farrior said, drawing attention to the fact that it was the surgeon’s responsibility to deny doing any extra operation.

According to him, the choice she made about a service provider “was the true problem since they did not say NO.”

By the time the second season of The Real Housewives of Florida had come to an end, Elsa Patton’s health had deteriorated. Then, in 2013, just a few days before production started on the third season of the reality series, she had a stroke and was sent to the hospital after the incident. She had a difficult time recovering for a number of months, which is another one of the reasons why she was absent for a significant portion of season 3.

In an interview with RadarOnline at the time, her daughter Marysol acknowledged the events that had taken place. The staff found Elsa passed out on the bedroom floor when they went to check on her. When Marysol arrived at the apartment, she was unable to communicate by speaking or moving her eyes.

“She felt pretty bewildered,” she said in an interview with RadarOnline. “ At first, I thought that she had overdosed on the medicine that she was taking and passed out as a result. That did not turn out to be the case at all. She wasn’t wearing any clothes, which was the feature that concerned me the most; yet, I couldn’t tell whether she had just gotten out of the shower or if she was about to go into one. This aspect was the source of the most of my anxiety.

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The following years were unfortunately marred by a deterioration in Elsa Patton’s health. Following what her daughter Marysol described as a “long illness,” Elsa passed away on May 13, 2019, accompanied by those who were dearest to her. It was 84 when she died.

According to the statement, “The family is particularly thankful to the countless friends and fans who have continued to pray for her and offer their well wishes.” [Citation needed] They are thankful to everyone in the neighborhood, her guardians, and all of Elsa’s many friends from all around the globe who have kept in contact with her. Their aid has been extremely important to the family in so many ways.

A few days later, on the show Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the creator and executive producer of the Real Housewives series, Andy Cohen, paid a poignant tribute to Elsa during the episode.

According to Andy Cohen, there have been many friends and family members of the wives who have been presented to us during the duration of the Real Housewives franchise, but very few of them have made such a long-lasting effect on us as Elsa did. After that, he proceeded to play some of her favorite moments from The Real Housewives of Miami.

The life of Marysol Patton continues to develop. As followers of reality programs may remember, she wed a French businessman named Philippe Pautesta Herder during the first season of the show. A short time later, the pair decided to end their relationship, but Marysol has now moved on and is happy in a new relationship.

In April of 2021, she wed Steve McNamara, head of a construction company located in Florida, and the ceremony took place in Mexico. Both the Mayan ceremony and the shaman were components of the extremely unique and intimate wedding celebration that took place. According to a source who spoke to PageSix, she did it as a means of commemorating her late mother Elsa.

The information provided by the source indicates that “it was the cornerstone of her mom’s spiritual and religious origins.” She claimed that Elsa is still in authority, and she felt that her mother’s influence pushed her to prepare this type of party. “Elsa is still in power,” she remarked.

The Real Housewives of Miami had a revival in 2021, and it was for the fourth season. In the beginning of the performance, Marysol paid tribute to her mother by saying that she and her father Donald were happy to have Marysol’s current husband join their family.

Marysol remarked, “My mum and dad sent him. “They are working for me up there.” While pointing to the sky, she added this.