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Despite being aware of the little amount of time she has left, Jane Fonda says, “I’m not afraid of going.” Watch the video below…

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At the age of 84, Jane Fonda believes that her days of accepting accolades and advocating for causes will be coming to an end “sooner rather than later.” She is a two-time winner of the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture, an outspoken activist, a veteran fitness guru, and an all-around icon.

The iconic Hollywood actress recently gave an interview on “Entertainment Tonight” in which she discussed her own mortality in an honest and frank manner.

When discussing the importance of other high-profile celebrities advocating for vital causes, Fonda brought up the issue and said, “I’m not going to be around for much longer,” which was her way of expressing the urgency of the situation.

This statement was not made in regard to her non-Hodgkin lymphoma diagnosis, which she disclosed in September. At the time, she explained that she is taking chemotherapy for what she referred to as a “highly manageable malignancy.”

On the contrary, all she was doing was alluding to the period of her life that she is presently occupying.

She went on to speak more about this topic during her conversation with “ET,” saying, “When you get to be my age, you best be mindful of the amount of time that is behind you, as opposed to in front of you.” “I mean, that’s simply reasonable,” the speaker continued.

She also wants to make it perfectly apparent that she is “not terrified of going,” in the event that her departure comes sooner rather than later.

Instead, Fonda was adamant that “I am prepared. My life has turned out to be wonderful.”

But despite the fact that she is prepared, she does not look forward to it being over.

She said, “Not that I want to go, but I’m conscious that it’s going to be sooner rather than later.” “Not that I want to go,” she said.

Up until that point, she intends to keep her health in the greatest possible condition that she can, in part by continuing to engage in physical activity.

When asked about her workout routine, the star of “Grace and Frankie” responded by saying “when you’re almost 85, the mantra is slow.’” It should come as no surprise that I do not lift weights of the same heaviness as I once did. Moving about, staying flexible, and consistently working on strengthening your muscles should be your top priorities.

And to continue to make the most of each and every day that lies ahead of her, including the forthcoming celebration of her birthday in December.

Fonda stated, “My family will be there,” indicating their presence. “In addition to a few close friends, my daughter and grandchildren will travel all the way from Vermont to spend the weekend with us. My son, his wife, and their child all live in Los Angeles. We’ll just have a calm time.”