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Chubby Checker has been married for 58 years, however, has a famous daughter with a different woman…

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Ernest Evans, better known as Chubby Checker, was born in Spring Gully, South Carolina, on October 3, 1941. He is a rock ‘n’ roll singer and dancer most known for spreading the word about several dance moves, notably “The Twist.” Since the Hot 100’s introduction in 1960, the song has ranked at the top of Billboard’s ranking of the most well-liked singles. Additionally, Evans popularized the dance “Pony Time.” His 1964 inter-racial union with Catharina Lodders, which was also publicized, was another aspect that kept Evans in the news. The Dutch supermodel Lodders was 21 while Evans was 22.

When Evans was a child, he was given the name Chubby Checker. At the time, Evans was employed by Tony A, the Produce Market manager and the first person to refer to Evans as “Chubby.” Later, Chubby was given the opportunity to record privately for Dick Clark’s “American Bandstand” after being referred by a local songwriter. When Mrs. Clark asked Evans for his name after he completed channeling Fats Domino, he responded, “My friends call me Chubby.” She said, “As in Checker,” when asked. Since then, the name has persisted.

Before interracial marriage became legal throughout the country in 1967, the singer and Lodders had a lot of challenges to overcome while residing in the country. Bianca Johanna Evans, Ilka Evans, and the musician Shan Egan are their three amazing children, and they have remained close throughout it all. Evans also has a daughter from a previous relationship. To find out more about Evans and Lodders and their early experiences together, read on.

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Evans’ second single, “The Twist,” wasn’t truly his first. His debut was a song called “The Class,” in which he sang “Mary Had a Little Lamb” in imitation of other well-known singers. He was signed by the record company Cameo-Parkway Records after it became a little hit. Then, in 1960, Evans’ “The Twist” became an instant classic.

The song has survived and is still widely recognized today. Evans reflected on the song’s unique qualities and remarked, “I think that people are addicted to simplicity. Maintain the fun. Keep it dumb. Make sure it has a hint of sexiness. These components are all present in “The Twist.” The song is playful and enjoyable, and its main message appears to be to simply enjoy oneself.

Evans released “Let’s Twist Again” a year after “The Twist,” which was a commercial triumph. Funny enough, this song has become his most well-known in recent years. Evans not only made the Twist dance popular, but also the Pony dance, the Limbo, and the Fly.

Evans has had a terrific personal life in addition to a fruitful music career; in particular, he married Dutch model Lodders, who is most known for having served as Miss Holland and Miss World in 1962.

It seems as though Evans and Lodders fell in love at first sight. He claimed to have met his wife “in the Philippines in 1964” in a 2015 interview. I declared, “I’m going to marry that woman,” when I saw a girl wearing a spotted swimming suit. Even though I didn’t want to get married, I was unable to breathe. Catharina Lodders, Miss World 1962, was that person. We remain wed now; she is from the Netherlands.

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Evans and Lodders had challenges as an interracial couple, but the musician said he didn’t care when people learned he was marrying a white woman. There is no color to love. The conversation would have ended for him, but he and Lodders still had obstacles to surmount. One such is the difficulty they had purchasing a home as a couple due to their mixed race. Evans used this as an opportunity to criticize segregation and declared that he and his wife would not participate. They eventually settled down in Philadelphia, where they still reside now.

Additionally, there were speculations at the start of their romance that Evans’ mother disliked Lodders because she is white, but the singer dispelled those accusations. He emphasized how happy his family is as a unit and how they accept Lodders.

At the time, it is stated that Evans and Lodders struggled to locate a church where they could exchange vows. They eventually got married on April 12, 1964, at Pennsauken, New Jersey’s Temple Lutheran Church. Evans discussed his and his wife’s marriage in a piece that was written shortly after their 1964 nuptials. We are just two people with the same attitude on life, he remarked.

He expressed his passion for being married at the time, and it appears that hasn’t changed at all. Evans and Lodders will commemorate their 60th wedding anniversary in 2022, which is not too far away from their 58th anniversary.

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Evans has demonstrated his life to his wife, but he has also demonstrated that he is a wonderful father to his kids. Mistie Bass is one of those kids. Evans has worked hard to maintain a close and significant bond with his daughter Mistie although never wed Pam Bass, Mistie’s mother.

When Mistie was a basketball player at Duke University in 2006, the Tampa Bay Times reported that she got a voicemail from her father during the week regarding Final Four preparations. Keep a calm head, Evans had instructed. Later, the singer went to William’s last home game and even performed the national anthem.

Evans expressed his admiration for Mistie. It’s been great, a first-ever experience for me, he remarked. “She is a blessed individual, an angel, and she has made the best choices. Never before have I witnessed a group of girls compete so fiercely.

She’s really good at maintaining focus, he continued. I get a heart attack while attending her games. I’m very worried about her.

2006 saw Mistie graduate from Duke. She was selected by the Phoenix Mercury in the same year, but was later moved to the Houston Comets of the WNBA. She is currently unemployed.

Evans and Mistie have always gotten along, and they both have worked hard to make their father-daughter relationship work, according to Mistie. My mother did a terrific job of making sure I knew there was always love there, she said, adding, “I’ve always had a relationship with my father. As I’ve aged, it has only gotten stronger.