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Catching a foul ball at the age of ten, the youngster then steals hearts with that charming step….

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If you are a fan of baseball, there is a good chance that you have had a long-standing interest in the game ever since you were a child.

There are a lot of individuals who take their interest in baseball very seriously and follow it their whole lives, doing things like collecting baseball cards and watching their favorite players on television.

One young baseball fan’s boyhood desire was to get their hands on an authentic baseball from a Phillies game.

Aaron Presley rose to prominence almost overnight when he made a spectacular catch of a stray ball. Aaron was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right moment to receive a stray ball that was hit into the stadium from a certain section of the field.

The little boy, who was a HUGE fan, was overcome with happiness and couldn’t hold it.

I am maintaining my position relative to the ball. It made contact with the ground below. I then went to collect it. Pressley told CNN Newsource that the experience was, in a word, exciting.

It’s not often that a kid can outsmart the adults who are vying with them for the ball, but every once in a while it does happen. When it made its way to the stands, fortunately for him, he was able to sneak in and get a hold of it before anybody else.

Even though Aaron had a cool moment, it wasn’t because of that event that he was featured in the media for the next several days.

After he had the ball in his possession, Aaron looked around and noticed little Emma Brady. Emma had also been trying to catch the errant ball, but due to the fact that she was so tall, she was having a difficult time doing so.

Emma said that Aaron was “too fast” in her opinion. In spite of the fact that she exerted an incredible amount of effort, she was a fraction of a second too slow in reaching for the ball.

Emma was so determined to get it that she ended up diving for it, but the impact of the dive broke one of her legs.

It should come as no surprise that Emma was unable to hold back her emotions. Both the pain in her leg and the realization that she wouldn’t be receiving a ball on that particular day were too much for her to bear. That is, up until Aaron decided to step in.

After seeing that Emma was crying, Aaron went to check on her in order to comfort her.

Knowing that another person was sobbing didn’t sit well with me for some reason. It simply didn’t seem right. According to Pressley, “I had no choice but to just present it to her because there was no other option.”

Aaron took the selfless decision to present the prize to the little girl rather than keeping it for himself, and we applaud his generosity. To make matters even better, the whole thing was captured on video and played back for everyone in the stadium on the massive displays.

When Emma finally stopped sobbing, the people in the crowd cheered because they found it so endearing.

Before approaching, he didn’t even give it a second thought. Before quickly turning around to hand her the ball, he had a fleeting glance in her direction. The cutest thing that has ever existed, Emma’s father said.

Which is superior? The kind actions of Aaron were noticed and recognized. He didn’t do it with the intention of being compensated in any way, but things worked out in his favor in the end.

After the Phillies discovered Aaron’s address, they sent him a personalized baseball as well as a gift card that he could use the next time he came to the stadium!

Even in the context of something as seemingly insignificant as a baseball game, acts of kindness can have meaningful consequences. Aaron showed the world his ideals by doing the following:

Pressley counseled her students to treat others with kindness because there are not many kind people in our world.