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Because no one came to his birthday party, the mother takes a picture of her son, who is six years old and is sitting by himself, then goes on to…

A child in Arizona turned six over the weekend, but when it came time to celebrate, he was left by himself.

Teddy’s mother, Sil Mazzini, had invited approximately thirty of his son’s kindergarten friends to his pizza party birthday celebration on Sunday, but not a single one of them showed up. Teddy’s mother was disappointed. The child felt like his world had ended.

She posted a picture on social media showing a large, empty table with pizza and beverages placed on it for the students. The only person who could be seen in the picture was Teddy, who had a frown on his face.

The fact that today was Teddy’s first birthday spread like wildfire throughout the internet, and the youngster was overwhelmed with well-wishes from strangers.

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Tickets to the Phoenix Suns’ game versus LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers, which would be scheduled to take place on Wednesday, were among the gifts sent by well-wishers.

The group said in their message, “How about we celebrate with thousands of people at our place?”

Following suit, the local professional soccer team known as Phoenix Rising sent an invitation to Teddy, stating, “Come join 7,000 of your best friends!” There are speculations circulating that Teddy has agreed to take the soccer team’s offer of tickets to the game on Friday.

After some time had passed, the youngster spoke with his supporters through SMS, expressing gratitude for the kind words and good wishes they had previously sent.

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