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At “Two in the Morning,” Ashton Kutcher rushed over to Mila Kunis to express his love; their second kiss closed the deal…

Before they were a relationship, actors Ashton Kutcher from “Two and a Half Men” and Mila Kunis from “Black Swan” had known each other for a number of years.

The first time the two crossed paths was on the set of “That ’70s Show,” which was also the setting for their first kiss, although one that was staged for the camera. Later on, Kunis said that she had a tremendous crush on Kutcher and that she was infatuated with the moment when the two of them kissed.

She also said that Kutcher was the first person she had kissed. On the other hand, the former model-turned-actor was experiencing the same level of anxiety. He believed Kunis did a good job of acting calm and as if she had done a scenario like that a thousand times before. Even thinking about kissing her gave him butterflies in his stomach, and he freely confesses that their very first kiss was an anxious experience for both of them.

The kissing sequences eventually became routine, and both of them eventually got accustomed to it such that they could kiss several times during the successful television program. However, in spite of the fairy-tale beginning that seemed to portend an oncoming romance, the two people remained friends throughout the course of their lives, and there was never any romantic development between them.

Kunis is of the belief that everything occurs for a purpose, and in the exact way that it should. She said that in order for them to develop into people who are ideal for each other in the future, they need to wait until they are single before getting together.

Discovering Joy Through the Companionship of Others

After the conclusion of the program, the two of them parted ways and tried to find fulfillment in their lives with other individuals, despite the fact that they had remained friends throughout the process. Demi Moore, who played Peggy Jones in “The Joneses,” became Kutcher’s girlfriend.

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Moore was 40 years old and Kutcher was 25 when they first met, but despite their 15-year age gap when they did, they hit it off instantly and began dating in 2003. They met at a dinner hosted by a mutual acquaintance in New York City.

Moore acknowledges that they were “completely in sync,” and that it seemed like a do-over, which is a reference to the harsh breakup that she had with her ex-husband Bruce Willis, with whom she had three children.

Before getting married, Kutcher had already made up his mind that he wanted children. At learning that Moore was expecting a child, he made his proposal to her, but they were forced to cancel the pregnancy after six months. Additionally, they attempted a number of cycles of in vitro fertilization, but to no avail.

They exchanged vows in front of more than a hundred people in September 2005 at their home in Beverly Hills, which served as the venue for the ceremony. After some time had passed, the actress said that because of her marriage to Kutcher, her connection with her three kids had deteriorated to the point that they refused to communicate with her.

Allegations of adultery placed a strain on their relationship, which ultimately resulted in the dissolution of their marriage in 2011. Moore released a statement that was picked up by CNN in which she explained her decision to terminate the union. despite the fact that Kutcher is tweeting, according to Insider:

It’s awful, but marriage may be one of the most challenging things in the world, and occasionally it doesn’t work out.

On the other side, Kunis also achieved romantic success with “Home Alone” star Macaulay Culkin. The couple began dating in December 2002 and were together for a number of years until breaking up in January 2011.

Kutcher and Kunis Get Back Together and Their Romance Takes Off Like a Rocket

Kunis and Kutcher got back in touch at the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards after both of their previous relationships ran into obstacles. Kunis claims that she was distracted by a handsome guy in front of her and continued to look at him, completely ignorant to the fact that the man was someone she had known for many years.

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She claims that she only recognized him when he turned around, at which point she exclaimed, “Oh my God, it’s Kutch!” and could not believe it was really him.

After some small chat, he extended an invitation to her to attend the housewarming celebration he was throwing in the Hollywood Hills. During the party, they had their first genuine kiss and soon after began going out together on a regular basis. They began dating in a casual capacity since they were both clear that they did not desire anything serious, and certainly not marriage.

Kutcher has just said that he recently told Kunis that he loved her for the very first time. In the video uploaded to TikTok, Kutcher claims that he showed up to her residence at two in the morning while under the influence of alcohol and started yelling at the top of his lungs, “You and tequila make me insane!”

After that, he confessed his love for Kunis, but she requested him to refrain from doing so if he was not really feeling it. She informed him that the only way she would know for sure that it was real was if he continued to feel the same way the next morning. It was fortunate that he did, since the next morning, when he woke up, he informed her that he loved her.

It was said that the couple got engaged in February of 2014, and reports said that the actress was seen wearing a beautiful engagement ring made by Tiffany. After a few months had passed, Kunis revealed on the Ellen Degeneres program that she was expecting the couple’s first child and that she was pregnant.

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On October 1, 2014, the adorable couple became parents for the first time, to a girl named Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher. The couple was married in a private ceremony the following year, in July 2015, in the Secret Garden at Parrish Ranch in Oak Glen, California. The event was a well guarded secret. When asked about it, Kunis told People:

“When we first began going out together, neither of us had any intention of ever tying the knot. One year later, we spoke about how we should “get married” the next day.”

They are devoted parents of two children, both of whom they are instructing to develop their own sense of autonomy.

Both of Kunis and Kutcher’s children are currently living with them. After becoming parents for the first time in 2015 when they gave birth to their son Wyatt, they became parents for the second time the following year in November 2016 when they gave birth to their son Dimitri Portwood Kitcher.

Kutcher and Kunis are careful with their parenting strategies because of their status as celebrities, and they endeavor to bring up their children in the most typical environment possible. Kutcher said that they make an effort to not indulge his children too much.

They make it a priority to instill in their children the value of relying on their own skills and capabilities rather than looking to emulate the achievements of their parents. He claims that rather than setting up a trust fund for them, he wants to educate them how to be resourceful and is not planning on doing so.

On the other hand, the actor assures them that he would assist them in becoming self-sufficient and will invest in their ideas in the future, provided that these ideas are exceptional. However, he has decided not to leave them any inheritance since he wants to give all of his money to charity instead of leaving it to them.