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At his wedding, son is embarrassed by his poor old mother, but all changes as she gives a toast

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Arnold is enraged when he finds his poor mother at his wedding because he had instructed her not to come. Arnold breaks into tears and falls to his knees the minute she delivers him a gift and makes a toast to him.

“Ah, look, someone is smiling as they leave the café.” “Look at her flush!” Diana’s supervisor exclaimed as a wave of laughter swept through the restaurant’s kitchen.

“Miss Diana, we’ll be there.” “When is the wedding?” a coworker asked as others gathered around Diana, who couldn’t stop blushing.

“It’s this Sunday at 11 a.m. “I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at church.”

At the café, the 60-year-old worked as a cleaner. She had taken a half day off from work to get the nicest wedding suit for her only son, Arnold. Diana shopped for the blue outfit for a long time. It was rather pricey, but she wasn’t worried. “My child deserves to look his best!” she reasoned.

Diana had spent all of her funds on her son’s outfit, and she was looking forward to seeing his response when she surprised him at home.

“I can’t wait for him to be married!” Diana pondered. She had been anticipating this moment since Arnold informed her of his plans to marry his lover, Masha.

“Look what I bought for you, son!” Diana stormed into their house, suit in hand and a beaming smile on her face.”I’m confident you’ll enjoy this!” Could you kindly put it on? The vendor told me that I could still swap it if there was a problem with the fit.

Arnold moved away to dump his mother’s “trash” gift, but he was interrupted by her voice on the microphone.

She removed the outfit from the garment bag and presented it to Arnold, who grimaced. He was dismayed.

“I’m not going to wear an average suit to my wedding.” I’m marrying the daughter of a wealthy guy, therefore I should look my best. “In that inexpensive outfit, I’d look tacky.”

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Diana’s eyes began to well up with tears. She appeared to be OK, but her son’s remarks broke her stillness. Her heart was heavy with disappointment.

Nothing saddened her more than when Arnold said, “One more thing…

I do not want you to attend my wedding. My fiancée’s rich family will be in attendance. I don’t want you to show up in your soiled clothing and ruin my image. “Everyone will ask what you do, and I don’t want to tell them you’re a cleaner.”

Diana couldn’t hold back her emotions any longer. She dashed to her room and shut the door behind her. She sobbed for the rest of the day because she was so upset. Arnold was too preoccupied with wedding preparations to check on her. The event was scheduled for two days.

It was Sunday, Arnold’s special day. Diana would not miss such a magnificent event, despite her son’s prohibitions. She gathered her courage and went through her clothes, selecting the most beautiful clothing she could find, before getting dressed.

“You are too little to comprehend this mother’s desire and grief.” I can’t afford to be absent from your special day, son. “I’m coming,” she murmured loudly as she looked in the mirror.

Diana brought an ancient ceramic vase that she planned to present to her son as a gift. When she got to the chapel, she noticed that her coworkers and boss had already come. She was overjoyed and had forgotten Arnold had asked her not to attend his wedding.

“Hello, Miss Diana! “I’m sure you’re the happiest mother on the planet!” Her boss said

Diana smiled as she walked in with the large gift package. She witnessed the bride and groom exchange wedding rings before kissing. Diana couldn’t stop the tears from falling, even if she tried. She was overjoyed. “I did it!” she said.

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Following the ceremony, there was a spectacular celebration. Several well-heeled guests descended on the location to meet the newlyweds. Arnold was taken aback when he saw his mother arriving. In contempt, he lifted his brows. “What brings her here?” “I warned her not to ruin my day!” he reasoned.

“Congratulations, sweetie! You two look fantastic! Best wishes!” Diana exclaimed as she handed the present to her son.

Arnold turned around and noticed that the scene was being captured on film. He didn’t want to cause a disturbance, so he received his mother’s present quietly. He gently ripped open the package and discovered the vase within. “She handed me an old vase that was sitting around the house.” “How cheap?” he said.

Arnold moved away to dump his mother’s “trash” gift, but he was interrupted by her voice on the microphone. Arnold’s face flushed with surprise. He had no clue that day would reveal a 25-year-old secret she’d been holding from him.

“Twenty-five years ago, just minutes before my dearest friend died…” Diana said, looking up at the ceiling as tears welled up in her eyes.

“She handed me an ancient vase and urged me to present it to her son on his wedding day.” “It was a gift from her late parents, and she wanted to give it to her kid.”

Arnold was baffled by what his mother was saying.

“After she died, I adopted and nurtured her little boy as my own.” I never married because I wanted to dedicate all of my time and affection to my child. It’s time to see what your late mother left you in that vase, son. Cheers!” Diana raised a glass to salute Arnold as he examined the vase.

He was taken aback. There were wads of cash inside the antique porcelain vase. As he kneeled, tears streamed down his cheeks.

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Arnold understood the lady he was embarrassed by was not his biological mother, but the woman who had given up her entire life to raising him. She was more to him than a mother. She was his savior and guardian angel, having rescued him after he had been orphaned.

“I fulfilled my vow to my late friend.” I’m delighted for you, son. Take care, and may God continue to bless you! Diana concluded. She headed toward the exit, ready to depart, but Arnold wouldn’t allow her. He chased her down and barred her path.

“I’m sorry, Mom. Your affection for me is precious. I apologize for causing you pain. Even though I was never a nice son, you were always a wonderful mother to me. Why didn’t you tell me that I was an orphan? Please don’t abandon me. “I don’t want to be orphaned again.”

Diana hugged Arnold and led him back to the stage, where the groom was dancing with his mother.

“I love you, mom!” he said quietly, and Diana smiled, tears of delight streaming down her cheeks.

What can we take from this narrative?

A mother would go to any length for her kid, even if that meant overlooking his flaws in order to see him happy. Diana opted to defy her son’s request that she not attend his wedding out of guilt because she wanted to see his big day and happiness.

No amount of money can ever replace a mother’s love for her child. Arnold regretted not asking Diana to his wedding after learning she had raised him and given him a better life after his biological mother died. Diana’s love for him was greater than her fortune.

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